Gratitude and Goals Jan 22, 2016 #GratitudeGoals

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Weekly Gratitude and Goals

My Gratitude for this week:

  • I hosted book club this Saturday and we had a lovely time. Baby H was a bit of a crankypants and yelled a lot but hopefully we’re not getting kicked out of book club yet heh.
  • My book blog co-blogger and I got together to plan out some fun things for Chapter Break. If you follow that blog too, stay tuned for a read-along and more fun.
  • I have exciting blog news! I finally registered a new domain name for this blog!! YES! I’ve been struggling with a blogging identity crisis for some time now and my wonderful friend Erin lit a fire under my butt and inspired me with her awesome brainstorming session in the wonderful tribe she started. I love this tribe! I have so many great ideas jotted down, now to just find time to implement them. This will really help me to grow my blog since I feel like the old name from 2004 was really holding me back. I will be making the transition slowly over the upcoming weeks.
  • I started walking again and it feels amazing. I actually went for a walk at 8pm and it was cool and felt awesome and I was very energized. Maybe it was due to that energizing walk and FB chat with Erin that the inspiration just smashed into me.

My Goals for the upcoming week:

  • Work out at least 3 days/week. Plan a workout regimen.
  • Drink more water, aim for 100 oz/day.
  • Take all the ideas for this blog and actually put pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard.
  • Get better, again, because some symptoms are lingering or maybe I caught a new cold.

What are you thankful for this week? What are your goals for the week ahead? Share your posts with us!

Welcome to the Weekly Gratitude and Goals Linky Party hosted by Julie at Velvet Rose and Suzanna at One Hoolie Mama! The idea behind this party is to take a step back and reflect on those things, both large and small, that we are thankful for in our lives this past week as well as think about what goals we may have for ourselves for the upcoming week. So share a list of everything and anything you are thankful for and add any goals you have for the week ahead. This party will start on Fridays, but you are welcome to link up any time during the week.

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8 responses to “Gratitude and Goals Jan 22, 2016 #GratitudeGoals

  1. I love this idea. Setting small goals are much more realistic and achieveable. Of course, you have some big goals on here too! Good luck with all of them! #GratitudeGoals

  2. Good Luck with all of your goals this year! I think once you begin working out regularly again, you’ll be surprised how many other things fall into place! We have similar goals. I have a “minute goal” for the month of January though. I track my minutes and then makeup time if I have to. Once again, GOOD LUCK, especially with your blogging goals. May 2016 be YOUR year!!!

    • Thank you! 🙂 Ooh I love the idea of a minute goal – and you’re right, once the pattern and habit starts, it falls into place. Getting started IS.SO.HARD.

  3. I totally understand the “blogging identity crisis.” I feel like I’m in one. Been doing this for a year and trying to figure out what is exactly my niche. I tend to do a little bit of everything and trying hard not to play the comparison game. Not sure where I want it to go. Glad you are finding yours. Thanks for hosting. Always enjoy coming here.

    • I think “lifestyle” is a good niche because it is open. I’m glad you’re not playing the comparison game and blogging about whatever brings you joy.

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