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I received a copy of the book and compensation for my honest review. The opinions are my own.

I found it rather clever that Halden Zimmermann’s Guide to High Impact Blogs compares building a high-impact blog to building a house. I like how the book breaks down the steps like building the foundation, then the frame, then the rest. Thinking about blogging like this well before actually starting the blog makes a lot of sense. It is all in the planning and initial research, is it not? Finding a topic you can do justice is just as important as finding the topic that people would be interested in reading about, and purchasing content.

I’ve been seeing a lot lately that selling digital content is the way to go to make the most bang from your blog. Halden Zimmermann’s Guide to High Impact Blogs really pushes that point. The biggest takeaway I had was the point that you have a lot of initial time investment, and then the product will continue to sell and be useful to infinite new people, so you do not have to continue to invest more time on that product or service. I really see that as the key point this book is making, and I’ve been seeing that kind of advice elsewhere.  I’m seeing a lot of courses popping up all over the internet for creating such digital content – and these e-courses are the digital content that these bloggers are selling to generate a lot of income.

I think I would have loved to see some case studies in this book – some specific examples of what the book is suggesting. The book is mostly a framework and gives the reader an overview of what would make a blog become high-impact from day one, and that is great information, but it helps to have more tangible examples to see how we can apply the ideas to our own blogging plans.

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In his newest book release, Halden Zimmerman, a successful blogger with a wealth of professional experience in mechanical engineering and corporate leadership, discusses the methods and techniques aspiring bloggers can apply as they seek to achieve long-term financial security through their blogging career. With the release of “Halden Zimmermann’s Guide to High-Impact Blogs for Life-Changing Income,” beginner and veteran bloggers alike are able to benefit from the unique and data-driven approach developed by Mr. Zimmerman with the explicit goal of creating a stable source of life-changing income.

Unlike other blogging guides and programs, Mr. Zimmerman’s “high-impact” approach is based on the concept that increased income cannot be truly life changing if the income increase comes with greater responsibilities or increased demands on time. The goal of high-impact blogging is to generate a significant source of income that only requires an initial investment of time during the planning and implementation stages. Once the blog debuts and begins to earn income, an effective high-impact blog will consistently generate revenue without demanding a continued time commitment.
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