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I received a copy of the book and compensation for my honest review. The opinions are my own.

These days, monetizing your blog is the thing to do. It is definitely something I’ve started doing and am interested in learning more about. As a blogger, getting free stuff is not too difficult, because our reviews are influential and valuable. But blogging isn’t just about getting things for free. There are opportunities to turn a blog into a profitable venture, and I am very interested in making my blog a good side hustle. Luke Weil’s How To Monetize A Small Blog sounded like a great book to pick up to work on growing my blog.

I liked that the book talked about various aspects of monetization and included the pros and cons of each. Each chapter had a good overview of the monetization option to give the reader an idea of each approach. There are also some good examples to show how a particular approach can fit in a blogger’s specific niche.  The book reminds us that we must blog with integrity and disclose our relationships with sponsors clearly but to also select projects that fit our blog topics seamlessly.

I did think the book structure could have been organized better. For example, the table contents is labeled “Glossary”, rather than what it actually is, a table of contents. The book also jumps around between monetization options, but it would make sense to keep the related options together. For example the chapters on the different ad types – direct and ad network – would have flowed better if they were together and not separated by a chapter on another topic.

I would have loved to see more examples and specific tips and suggestions, but a book that is about 30 pages isn’t able to go into that much detail. The book really works to give us a push in the right direction and help us select an approach or two. Then we are on our own to gather further knowledge and pursue the selected monetization approaches.

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How to Monetize a Small Blog Luke Weil

Luke Weil gives readers an up-close look at the strategies he has used to generate such immense success as a blogger. After starting off with just a small blog and no clear monetization strategy, Weil’s blog became such a sensation that he was able to make a career out of the platform he created merely as a hobby. Even though his initial success came almost entirely by accident, Weil has since created a host of other wildly successful blogs while consulting countless others on how to generate significant streams of revenue through blogging.



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