10 Things I Do To Start My Day

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10 Things I Do To Start My Day

Happy International Coffee Day! Can you believe I didn’t use to be much of a coffee drinker? Now I’m a bit of an addict, thanks Baby H. Today’s prompt is fun – what do we do to start our day, does it include coffee? Well, yes, yes it does.

  1. First things first, answer the call of nature.
  2. Next I take my thyroid medication and do the dance at the sink (you know, brushing teeth, etc etc).
  3. Then, cause my little one is normally still sleeping, I go pump breast milk. I don’t know how long this will be part of my morning routine, but for now, I pump.
  4. And I drink water while I pump, because starting the day hydrated is important.
  5. Then comes the closet dance – the I have nothing to wear! dance.
  6. Hurray then it is time for breakfast. I grab my overnight oatmeal jar from the fridge and make myself a bowl to heat up in the microwave.
  7. As that is heating up, I make my delicious cup of coffee. And prepare my tall coffee cup to go for my drive to work. Because drinking all the coffee is how I start my day.
  8. Then I go wake up Baby H, dress him, and give him the breast milk I pumped that morning.
  9. Then we sit down together, him on my lap, and share my bowl of oatmeal. It might be my favorite part of the morning.
  10. Then I kiss my sweet little boy goodbye, leave him in good hands with our nanny, and get in the car to drive to work.

And there you have it, a list of how I start my day. Weekends are quite a bit different. They usually end up with pulling the little boy into the bed and nursing him till we both fall asleep again. I like weekends. That’s the new “sleeping in” for parents lol.

The Golden Spoons Tuesday 10
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5 responses to “10 Things I Do To Start My Day

    • I love making overnight oatmeal cause I just throw it together in a jar and in the fridge it goes. So much faster and easier than cooking it on the stove or exploding it in the microwave lol

  1. This definitely sounds like a lovely way to start your day! I still have to try that overnight oatmeal! I don’t know what my issue is, but I still have not tried it. I was just talking to my brother about weekends and I remember so fondly when that meant sleeping until noon. Now, if I can sleep in past eight, I’m sleeping in! I am definitely a coffee addict, though I can’t do caffeine. Caffeine makes my anxiety more intense, so I just have to muscle through the day on my natural awakeness (which is seriously depleted with the addition of another little one). Coffee is the best though, I love it so 🙂

    • You should definitely try the overnight oatmeal! Why cook it on the stove when the fridge can do it for you? LOL
      I didn’t use to drink coffee until I had Baby H. Now, I need a coffee IV…

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