Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Update Project



The hardware on the kitchen cabinets that came with our house when we bought it had to go. Sure, it was cool looking and modern and very sharp. Unfortunately, that last part was literally. If you brush up or lean up against them, ouch! After multiple bruises on my hips and scrapes on my hands from using my kitchen normally, I had enough. Hubby even said that the hardware on the island is perfectly positioned to attempt to keep us from having any future children. So in an effort to start child-proofing and help ourselves not have any more problems going forward, we decided to replace the cabinet hardware with something rounder, softer, and lacking the hard edges.

We first went to the hardware store to see what our options were. We measured the current hardware handles to be 5 inches, so we needed to find more that fit. I believe we counted 44 handles. We quickly realized that all the nice looking cabinet hardware was pricey. We still wanted the silver metal look since that went well with our appliances, and there really weren’t too many 5 inch silver rounded cabinet hardware options to choose from. After realizing the least expensive option was still around 4 bucks a handle, we decided to look online. Yay online. We found the rounded hardware we ended up using for much cheaper, more in the 2 bucks a handle category, though we had to buy 50 of them since they are sold in packs of 10. Still not super cheap, but the best we could find.

The new handles look really good and match our faucet, which is very curvy too. So these look like they were here all along. We ran into some issues with a couple of handles needing the holes to be drilled out a bit more, and a lot of washers needing to be added to keep the handles from wobbling (OK, so maybe you get what you pay for, but really, I expected less issues since we still spent more than $100 on this project). But I was happy I got to help! Me, I used a screwdriver to remove and add some handles, until I couldn’t stand up anymore and my feet got swollen and my back started hurting and I had to pull the “I’m prego and have to lay down” card. But I helped! So yay! I contributed to a home improvement project. Take that HGTV.


Almost done with the sale of our former house

In less than two weeks we are scheduled to close on the sale of our first house. It is a little bittersweet since we lived in it for the past 6 years, started our lives as a family together, etc etc. But I’m happy the sale has been pretty quick because paying two mortgages is not fun. We bought our new home at the end of January and moved in mid-February. It took us some time to get the rest of our stuff out of the former house and do some repairs so we listed it for sale the second week in March. The marked in that area is amazing right now and we immediately had a great offer, which we accepted.

I kind of find it interesting that the person buying it is moving from California just like I did, and is doing all the documents electronically because she isn’t even here to see the house. I did that too. At least hubby got to visit and pick out the house, and I just did the paperwork remotely. I don’t know if she had anyone other than a Realtor look at it. I am very thankful at how smoothly the sale is going. The person buying it put down a large down payment and so we didn’t expect financing to be an issue. The buyer also didn’t really request a lot from us in terms of repairs or closing costs. We’re paying for title insurance, which sounds like it is typical for the seller to pay, and they also requested us to buy the home warranty for the year to insure the home appliances. I think that is fair too since when we bought our new house, the seller bought our home warranty. It isn’t really that expensive, so not a big deal. We just need to pick a company to use, and we can use the same company that was bought for us. They did have an interesting request in the amendment, but it was so minor that we just said sure why not. They wanted us to split the cost with them to remove the palm tree out front, I guess because they thought it was too close to the house and might cause damage sometime in the future. Ok, sure, that’s all? Got it.

Hopefully all continues to go well but for now they are past all the option periods so we just need to close. The closing will be on April 25. I’m very excited and thankful that everything seems to be going well. Our Realtor is really doing a good job for us.

The new house!


We closed on the new house on Monday, January 27th. Since then we’ve been busy packing up everything in our current house and getting ready for the move. We got the power turned on first, and the water finally turned on yesterday. The gas is being turned on today. The painter is coming this weekend. We already have about half of our stuff moved. I have really really awesome friends. Here’s why: last weekend my friend with a 4-horse trailer volunteered herself and her boyfriend to help us move our big furniture! So last weekend they came over and my awesome friend Rose (aka my co-blogger on the book blog) helped pack up my books while her boyfriend and my husband moved things like the dinning room set, deep freezer, futon, exercise equipment, king size mattress, etc. The only big stuff we have left to move are the fridge, the TV, and the bed we’re currently sleeping on. The rest is little stuff. Hopefully we can move the rest this weekend and once the fridge and stuff is in the new house, we can move the pets and start living out of our new space. It will definitely be an adjustment to me and I don’t know what my new commute will be like, but I love our new house and am looking forward to settling in there! :)

Happy 2014, Let’s Catch Up

I have been really busy with a whole lot of different things, and haven’t been keeping up with posting here as often as I would like. I blame the Book Blog.  But also, some major changes are happening. So let’s catch up.

1. Hubby came back! So as you can imagine, life has completely changed. I missed him a lot, but I got used to having the house to myself (and the pets). Now there’s someone around who hasn’t been around for almost a year, and we both have some adjusting to do. I took a week off work when he first came home, which was right before Xmas so two of those days were holidays anyway. It was nice to get to spend some time together again finally. But we were very busy once the holidays passed. Because…

2. We’re buying a house! So I mentioned before that we will need to move farther north in the area to split the drive between both our jobs, and so we’ve been looking at houses online for months. When hubby returned, we went and visited our top list, and one house just stood out among the rest. So we made an offer, and we’re buying it! There is so much involved with buying a house, from offers to counteroffers, to loan applications, to house inspections and negotiations on that. There has been a lot of signing a lot of various documents, but hopefully things will settle down a little for this next part of the transaction where we’re waiting for the appraisal and loan approval. Let me tell you, it’s a helluva house. I can’t even call it my dream home, because I never expected a house like this in my wildest dreams. It is HUGE and has 6 bedrooms and a huge yard. So we can have both our families visit at the same time and not be standing on each other. It gives us the room to grow and spread out. Most importantly, yours truly will have her own library :) We should be closing by the end of January so we’ll be even more busy when we have to pack up our current house and move.

Other things of note…

3. I flew to FL to visit with hubby’s family at the annual Xmas gathering. He wasn’t able to attend because it was just before his release date, so I went alone. It was kind of cool how everyone took good care of me and I guess I’ve been in the family long enough that it wasn’t awkward for me to be on my own. I loved getting to spend time with my niece and nephew too. One bad thing though – the bugs out there love me omg! I have a story for you: a bee flew *IN* my mouth and stung my lip. No kidding. My lip got so big! Omg it was like on Hitch. Awful. So there’s my I hate bugs story of the year.

4. Hubby and I spent NYE in DFW with some friends. We had a really nice time visiting with them and on new years day they took us to the FW Stockyards (which is old timey area in Fort Worth that is very cowboy). I don’t have any pictures to share cause the lady who is a real photographer type who carried around a phallic camera took all the pictures, but has yet to share! She might be holding them hostage until we visit again.

Anyway that’s all I can think of for an update for the past month or so. Until next time, hope everyone is doing well.

Thinking about our future move

When hubby gets back, we will need to move to split the drive between his new job in Huntsville and my current job in the Galleria area. I think we’ve decided on the Tomball area because it will put me close to 249 to the beltway down to the Galleria and he won’t be too far from 45. Only my Houston-area readers will know what I’m talking about, but that is OK. We spend a lot of time on the phone on weekends, since the time difference makes it hard to talk during weekdays, and we end up talking about our future plans most of the time. Today we spent about 3 hours on the phone, and at least half of that was looking at homes online. We have an idea of what we can afford, and know some of the things we want and some of the must-haves, so we’ve been making some plans.

There are a lot of questions we have though, and a lot of things that could affect h0w quickly we get to move into our new home. For example, ,we don’t know if we’ll need to sell or rent out our current home before being able to get a loan on the next house. Sometimes if you have a lot of loans it is hard to get another. We still have a lot of student loans so we might have trouble getting a loan for the next house while we still have to pay on the loan of our current house. What that might mean for us is we might have to move into a rental property while we sell or rent our own house prior to trying to buy the next house. I dread that, but maybe it won’t be as bad as I’m thinking. We probably won’t be able to get an apartment with two big dogs, but maybe we can negotiate a short term lease on a rental house. We’ll need to pack up all our stuff and store it somewhere and just keep the essentials out in that transitional period. We would either have to keep all our stuff boxed up in a spare bedroom, or maybe a cheap storage unit could be helpful in this case. We’re thinking if we can afford to keep our house and rent it out that would be better as far as keeping it as an investment and having that stream of income. We’re only now starting to think about how to be really responsible financially and most of the advice we’ve seen is have investments and several streams of income.

I saw in this interesting article that storage unit companies are doing well in these times of economic downturn. I guess it makes sense. People are downgrading their home space and need a place to keep all their stuff. Well, in our case we’ll only be downgrading temporarily until we are able to move into the nicer house that we want, but it would be due to financial reasons of having to take care of the loan on our current house first.  I also read that about 1 in every 10 households have a storage unit and they just keep their stuff there that they don’t normally use. I find that silly, but I guess laziness keeps people from cleaning those things out. I hope we won’t be in that situation. I hope/plan to go through our stuff as we’re packing up to move and get rid of/sell the stuff we will not need. I know we’ve accumulated a lot over the last 6 years of living in this house.

Broken AC in Texas is a no-no

I’ve been traveling a bit for work this summer and I think my AC has been slowly dying but I haven’t been around to notice. I was out of town the last week of June, and when I came back it felt a bit warm in the house, but it was just hot outside so I figured it was alright. The next day the AC seemed to work fine, which was good because it was an especially hot day. The following day, Sunday, it didn’t work at all. I guess whatever was wrong with it, it finally gave out after Saturday’s high temperatures. I woke up and it was stuffy and hot in the house, and the thermostat said 83. The temperatures slowly continued to climb as the AC continued to refuse to kick on. I called my AC guy who replaced the coil in our attic last year to come help. Yes, we’ve been having issues with the AC for a while, but it is an old unit so what can we expect. He tried his best to get it to kick on, but the compressor was just fried. I spent two night sleeping in the hot until it was replaced. Yep, I had to replace my outdoor unit. When he told me the compressor died and it would have to be replaced, I got super nervous. I expected this to be very costly. He said we might as well replace the entire outdoor unit since just replacing the compressor costs almost as much so we might as well get a new model. But he’s a good guy and since hubby is deployed he gave us a great deal. He told me to get a second estimate just so I knew we were making the right decision, and it turns out he quoted me a thousand dollars less than the other estimate! So I was super excited. The whole thing cost me less than $2500, cause I went with the cheapest model (no sense in paying for a high-efficiency model since we plan on moving when hubby gets back anyway). So phew, after a couple of miserable days, all is well in the house of Julie. I had my ceiling fan and a box fan to keep me cool for those two nights, but it really just moved around the hot air and made my allergies awful. Poor dogs were really uncomfortable too but they were patient with me. I don’t think the cat even noticed anything wrong, since she likes to hide in the hottest places anyway. So, it ended up not being a super awful scary amount, though obviously not in our budget, and it will be a selling point so hopefully this will help us sell quickly and be able to afford the type of house we want. I think I handled it all pretty well, though I tell ya it is frustrating having to deal with things like this on your own.


We’re currently trying to refinance our home loan and I’m remembering how overwhelming all this paperwork is. And the real estate lingo is different too so I gotta relearn all this stuff to make sense of what we’re doing. We’re only trying to refi our large mortgage so our second mortgage has to agree to subordinate for this to work. Also I hope my main mortgage company agrees to return my escrow amount to me early instead of after the loan gets closed out so we have less to have to pay up front. (We need to pay into the new loan’s escrow account at closing). If what we hope to do works out, which will depend on the appraisal we have scheduled this weekend, we’ll be saving about $220 a month and will try to invest that so we can build up our savings. Our mortgage guy told us we’re not where we should be in our savings based on our age. Boo. Gotta catch up! One interesting thing that annoyed the crap out of me during this process so far is that I learned that hubby’s credit score is higher than mine! No fair! Really though that’s because of all his student loans for law school. Since they are getting paid on time (cause I’m the one making sure it happens!) he gets to benefit, not me. Poop! How unfair is that? That earned him a dirty look. Oh well, we’re both really good with our credit and both have really high scores so we’re getting a pretty good rate out of all of this :) Wish us luck that things all come together so we can make this work out.

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Some thoughts on Home Improvement

When we first moved into our house, wow more than five years ago now, we were excited about making it more “ours” and making some changes to the place. We had a lot of mismatched furniture that was ours or given to us by family and we set about trying to arrange everything and decorate so the house looked nice. We also bought some items that we needed and didn’t already have, such as the dining room set. Over time we replaced some of the older pieces that were higher priority with newer items, such as our living room TV and stand.

Of course we also had some more involved projects than just moving furniture around. We had some specific renovations planned pretty quickly after moving in. One of these was to replace all the floors on the first level. I wasn’t a fan of that carpet and I thought the downstairs needed to be more presentable. So we put in laminate floors in the dining room/entry and in the living room. In the kitchen we put in a nicer laminate tile. My husband did most of the work on those projects because he’s pretty handy and also it saved us a lot of money to do it ourselves. I learned about some interesting tools during that project, such as the Dremel and Rotozip cutting tools. We also hung a few large pictures and some cabinets so I got to use a level a lot. Yes, I was the little helper who handed her husband tools and did very simple projects that I could do without hurting myself or messing things up haha.

Soon after that we got busy with our lives here and the projects and house changes stopped. Well, except for the unexpected but necessary ones due to storms or toilet flooding, etc. We kind of lost our momentum once we got comfortable in our surroundings. I guess things didn’t stick out so much as needing to be done. I do want to replace the carpet upstairs though at some point, but it doesn’t seem a priority since we mostly entertain guests downstairs, unless the guests are family staying overnight and then we don’t have to worry about impressing them as much.

I do enjoy watching HGTV though and every now and then some of those really cool design shows make me want to make a few changes here and there, but it doesn’t last long. It is still fun to watch the show and see what new ideas these experts have and what new useful tools they have. Like I recently learned about a laser level where it projects onto the wall a straight line so you can use it to guide things like a large picture hanging. That would have been super helpful to us. It is not easy to line up nails to hang a large picture.

It is also cool on the shows when they can do a quick computerized image of the house and the planned renovations. It gives the people a visual on what they can expect and I think that is so helpful. I saw this article about a cellphone app or computer software that does something similar. How cool is it to be able to get a quick idea of what your ideas will look like in practice! We might have to look into getting such neat tools and programs to help us out if we go on a house repair spree.

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Issues with our HOA

Our HOA has always been obnoxiously annoying with sending everyone “your lawn needs to be mowed” and “your flower beds need to be weeded” nastygrams but lately it has become ridiculous and a problem for us. Usually they send you a first notice and then when you mow they leave you alone for a while until the next rainy season that results in the grass geting too tall for their liking, which usually corresponds with times hubby is away (or lazy) since I don’t do the yard work.

This summer has been pretty wet so the grass and weeds have been growing back really fast. Hubby usually mows every other weekend but lately he’s been having to mow almost every weekend to keep up. Anyway they must do their neighborhood inspections at the end of the week since we usually get a letter from them a day after the lawn is freshly mowed and edged. Recently we got a second and third notice and even got one nasty letter saying if we cannot comply they will take legal action and hire someone to do it and blah blah blah. This is general form language but sounds nasty. Their recurring “violation” notice reads that we need to weed the flower beds. Well, we do pull weeds from our flower beds when we see them (I actually do that to maintain my pretty flowers I recently planted). After we got a third notice of weeds, we realized there has to be some error since we have no weeds but instead have pretty flowers! So we decided that whoever does the inspections must be a moron.

We’ve tried calling but the phone number doesn’t seem to work. We also mailed a letter explaining that our flower beds are not full of weeds since we recently planted roses and petunias and they have been in bloom until the rains started knocking their petals off. We also let them know that regardless of whether the grass and weeds were indeed tall on the day of inspection, each “offense” should be considered a first since we indeed do mow. Otherwise, the lawn and weeds would be taller each time they inspected, and not just a little tall. They’ve not responded so we even emailed the HOA manager a copy of the letter we sent and attached photos pointing to each flower and stating what it is.

Here are the photos, where are these weeds they keep yelling at us about?

Now we have learned this past week that the HOA manager for our neighborhood has quit and “moved onto greener pastures” so we’re waiting to see who the new manager will be so we can forward this complaint to them. Hopefully the new manager will have half a brain since the previous one had zero brain in her head. Yes I can’t stand her because twice before she sent us nastygrams and it turned out she wasn’t reading the address right and the letter was meant for another house. Yea, that’s the smarty pants we got to put up with. If we had to deal with that I’m certain other letter were sent to the wrong places too. So, maybe these nasty “weed your flower bed” letters aren’t meant for us after all?

I should just get a maid

A few years ago we bought this awesome device we learned about called an iRobot Roomba. We named her Rosie, yes after the Jetsons’ maid. She was great because I just had to click the power button and walk away (or leave for the day) and she would wander around the house and vacuum. I say was because she’s no longer operational. She just spins in a circle and says “uh oh” and beeps a number of times to tell us her sensors are dirty, but I’ve taken the thing apart and cleaned it and it still won’t work. So I think Rosie is broken. This is unfortunate because lazy me now has to do all the vacuuming. With 3 furry babies walking around the house, the vacuuming is not an easy task. We specifically bought the pet version of the Roomba for this reason. She wasn’t cheap either. So we haven’t been able to repair or replace her yet. Hopefully soon though we’ll either figure out where to send her or buy a newer model. I can’t describe how much easier my life was when Rosie did all the work for me.

Of course since it has been a few years, there might be other models or designs out there we could try. We might even look into a Vax vacuum cleaner or something similar locally. But I did like that I didn’t have to do anything other than switch Rosie on and she would propel herself around the house. That is so much easier than pushing a heavy vacuum all around. Man is that a workout!

But I tell you the design engineers that came up with vacuum cleaners and that keep coming up with more innovative designs are quite amazing. We’ve certainly come a long way from the first vacuum cleaners, and interestingly enough there’s actually a museum dedicated to vacuum cleaners according to this article I found. The invention of the bagless cleaner is awesome because I just empty it out and don’t have to worry about buying replacements. But saving me from having to do the work is even more awesome in my mind. Hopefully we’ll have another Rosie in our future soon.

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