I know I’m a bit late with this but I wanted to wish all my friends a happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone got to spend time with important people in their lives and had a good time. Even with life’s ups and downs, we can all find something to be thankful and appreciative for.

For Thanksgiving Thursday we went out to Landry’s for buffet with another couple and their baby. They had a Thanksgiving plus seafood buffet and it was pretty cool. We decided to go out because it doesn’t make sense to cook a big dinner for just two people so we joined up with our friends who were in the same situation. It was quite interesting to see how many people are going out these days rather than cooking at home. Landry’s was packed!

I avoid Black Friday shopping because I hate crowds so we stayed in most of Friday. We left the house in the late afternoon to pick up some picture frames so I can finally get my cruise photos framed, and even that time was busy. It didn’t help that the craft store is in the same parking lot as a techie store.

Saturday we had some friends over – actually this is a friend from grade school who recently moved to the area. She prepped vegetable lasagna and cooked it at our house while we all hung out. They also brought their puppy so the dogs got a play date. Well, Dixie did. The two hooligans were locked up. Sunday we went out to brunch with a former coworker of hubby’s and got to meet her family. I’m trying to increase my network of people in the area so when I’m by myself next year I’ll have people to reach out to if something happens.

It was really nice to have a long relaxing weekend at home with hubby and getting to see some friends. We definitely gobbled till we wobbled but that’s what holiday weekends are about hehe.

Friend’s Wedding, Change of Command, and Vacation

This is going to be a catch-up post spanning several weeks since I have apparently gotten behind on blogging again.

The weekend of Oct 13 and 14 was quite eventful for us. That Saturday I went to Neighbor Nicole’s wedding at Canyon of the Eagles resort in Burnet, TX. It is a lovely park but smart me packed for a wedding and not for a state park. So yea, I got eaten alive by the bugs. As usual. Ignoring that though, the wedding was lovely. They had a nice ceremony just before sunset and had some lovely photos made. The reception was pretty much in the pitch black though because it was outdoors and once the sun set it was really dark. The dancing part was held inside though. Her hubby is an engineer so instead of doing numbers for the guest tables he did a block of wood with a pattern on it and you had to find your name block and then find the block that matches that pattern on each table. It was definitely kinda neat and funny to watch people get confused about where to go. The wedding happened during my hubby’s army drill weekend but he was able to join us for the reception at least since it was only two and a half hours away from where he was in San Antonio. The cabin I stayed in was pretty neat and had a nice view of the lake. If we could have had our whole weekend there we would have really been able to enjoy the resort but as it was he had to leave that same evening since he had early morning formation and I had to leave around 9 the next morning to join him at his army unit.

Sunday the 14th was hubby’s change of command ceremony. He took command of the headquarters support company. They held the ceremony after lunch and the outgoing commander’s wife got red roses and the incoming commander’s wife (me) got yellow roses as is customary. Hubby will get his promotion to captain soon. The paperwork is being processed. They are going on a deployment in early 2013 so hubby will get to fulfill his goal to lead a company during a deployment. So yea, he is really excited about it. I’m dealing with it OK so far. It is going to suck being on my own for a year though. Guess I’ll be joining more book clubs.

This past week we were on vacation in Miami and the Bahamas. My Dad turned 55 and he planned this trip to celebrate, and we tagged along. We spent the weekend of the 20th and 21st in Miami and celebrated his birthday on the 21st. Then we went on a 4 night cruise starting the 22nd to the Bahamas. It was really nice at first but toward the end of our cruise Hurricane Sandy decided to pay us a visit. We had to skip our last port of call and hide out in the ocean trying to get out of the path of the storm. The waves were still really bad and most of us were not feeling great. A few times we had some huge waves and the ship tilted enough that drawers opened and stuff fell all over the place and dishes crashed to the ground. Those moments were quite scary. We heard enough Titanic references to last a lifetime. We were delayed getting back to the Port of Miami as well. Luckily we all had late afternoon flights and everyone got home safely. Wow though what an adventure. I certainly do not recommend being out at sea during a storm like that.

Pictures of all the above are on Facebook as usual.

Neighbor Nicole’s Bachelorette and Bridal Shower

I spent last weekend in Austin celebrating with my friend who I refer to as “Neighbor Nicole” (since she lives in my neighborhood and is one of several Nicoles I know). She had a Bachelorette Party Saturday and a Bridal Shower Sunday. The Bachelorette Party included dinner at Maggiano’s where the lingerie shower took place, followed by salsa dancing. We stayed at the Westin at the Domain so we could walk to dinner and the restaurant for salsa dancing. We did not expect the storm, however, and had a funny experience at Maggiano’s. The rain was so heavy that one of the ceiling tiles fell down! First we heard some water dripping and then a stream followed by the restaurant letting out a collective scream as the tile fell on an empty table behind us. Thankfully the table was empty. Oh my how awful would that have been if someone was sitting there! The location is only 3 years old so there must be some roof issue that needs inspection. Anyway it was raining so hard when we were leaving that we were stranded and couldn’t walk to our hotel! One of the girls called her brother to come rescue us and we piled into his car clown style. We couldn’t stop laughing. It was awesome. Anyway we dropped off some stuff at the hotel and the rain had stopped by then so we went across and had our salsa dancing part of the evening. The Bridal Shower the next day was very nice and she definitely got some great gifts. I was asked to be the photographer since apparently few others remembered to bring a camera so I hope my pictures didn’t end up blurry. I’ll have to burn them to a disc and mail them to Neighbor Nicole’s sister to do whatever she plans to do with them. All in all it was a fun weekend with some interesting stories.

Hubby’s birthday and job search

So we celebrated Hubby’s birthday this past week. Yep, we have birthdays a month apart. His birthday was on Tuesday and the two of us went to Joe’s Crab Shack where he got to eat one of his favorite foods – crab legs! I had fish lol. We got together with a bunch of his friends on Saturday and had dinner at Genghis Grill and then went to go watch a movie. We picked Dark Shadows from the movies playing at the time. It was pretty good but a little campy and I expected it to be a bit darker. It was a nice evening and we got to see some of his friends from law school who we rarely get to spend time with.

Things have been kind of slow for him. He’s taking small cases here and there but he’s still unable to find a full time law job. Most recently he was told he was in the top 3 but the job was given to someone with 28 years of experience. They did tell him that another position will be opening up in the next few months and they’ll consider him for that position. Well, obviously we can’t complete with that kind of experience. But previous jobs have gone to people with 5-10 years of experience, so the newbies just can’t win. When will the entry level jobs take truly entry level people? There are just too many graduates and not enough jobs. The job I mentioned where they took the person with 28 years of experience, that was for a felony prosecutor position in a small county that is a 5 hour drive from here. Yea, it would suck, but he needs to work on his career and if it takes him being far away from Houston and from me for a couple of years then that’s what we’ll do. He’s interviewed in some more local counties district attorneys offices but that hasn’t worked out. He also interviewed in El Paso, which would really suck, but he didn’t get that job ’cause they wanted a fluent Spanish speaker. Sucked that he had to drive all the way there and back for nothing. This was for a public defender position so I guess it makes sense they want their lawyers to speak the language of the majority of their clients. They really should have specified on the application what they expected. He has another interview with a local law firm soon. Its not exactly the kind of work he wants to do, since his goal is to be a criminal prosecutor, but maybe some more trial experience will help him be more competitive for future opportunities. If this even works out. The recent place he interviewed in told him they got 30 applications. Who knows how many this place has since it is in Houston. *Sigh* At least my job is going OK *knocks on wood*


Yep I just had a birthday, well, it has been a few weeks now. It was April 13th, yes on a Friday. I turned 29. And I will stay 29 for all future birthdays. No more aging, right? Heh.

My Mom came to visit for my birthday and it was super exciting. She managed to find a good deal on a flight a few weeks before so I went and took a few days off and she came to visit. There was only one ticket left according to that deal but Dad didn’t have the time off anyway so he probably wouldn’t have been able to make it.

Mom arrived Thursday late morning so we (me, hubby, and Mom) went to lunch straight from the airport to a Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant called Cafe 121 right by where I work that I like a lot but rarely end up being able to go to for lunch. I love their honey chicken vermicelli lunch. I also got to show her my lovely drive to work down Chimney Rock Rd and all the nice houses and pretty trees. After that we went home and hung out/relaxed/unpacked for a while. Then we went to dinner at Kublai Khan stir fry and I got to have my free birthday bowl.

Friday we spent the day lazying about and took the dogs to the dog park. It was a lovely day, not too hot yet so we got to enjoy being outside in Houston and the dogs got to swim in the dog pond. Mom seems to really like our new doggie so that’s great. Diesel climbed up and cuddled with her on the couch like he does with me and that is just the best thing ever. Love my Diesel dog. Since Friday was my actual birthday, in the evening we had dinner plans. We went to Aladdin’s Mediterranean Restaurant cause it is awesome. Only two of my friends were able to make it (and their hubby/fiance) so it was the 7 of us for dinner. We were able to get them to clean out their little private room so we could have a little private party when I told them it was my birthday. It was awesome. Their private room is all decorated with Mediterranean stuff. I took some fun pictures so check them out on Facebook. After dinner we went to Amy’s Ice Cream which was also super awesome. Their flavors and mixes are really unique. I had a really awesome birthday. I’m also happy that my Mom got to meet some of my closest friends.

Saturday Mom and I went shopping, cause that’s what we do! Then for dinner we went to Hikari Sushi, which is the awesomest sushi place ever. They have a huge menu and their sushi is usually topped with special sauces (I haven’t seen these options anywhere else). We ended up ordering 7 rolls between the 3 of us. It was insane. But yummy. I took some pictures there as well.

Sunday was Mom’s last full day so it was more low key with eating at home and the only outing was to watch a movie. We saw Mirror Mirror. It was cute and sometimes a little weird but we liked it.

Mom’s flight home was early Monday morning so I dropped her off on my way to work. Only that day the lovely weather ended and we had a hugemongous storm. Visibility was bad and it was kinda scary driving around. The weird thing is after I got her checked in and walked her to security and said good-bye, the storm stopped and it was clear and nice when I left the parking garage. Go figure.

So, awesome birthday, really glad Mom was able to visit, great food and lots of fun. Ok that’s my birthday update :)


Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love to dress up and to decorate the house with fun and spooky things. Hubby didn’t let me buy the zombie babies from Spirit Halloween but those were awesome. We hosted a party again this year cause last year was so much fun. This year I had some fun with the menu. We made pumpkin chili (theme appopriate!) and a king ranch chicken casserole but for funsies I made some demon eyes. The weird thing is I guess my guests were kinda freaked out by them cause few were brave enough to try them. It was just food coloring and olives added to regular deviled eggs, chickens!

I dressed up as a Saloon girl and hubby dressed up as a Cowboy. My costume turned out to be pretty cool. I bought it online cause I was able to find one non-hoochy costume (where the dress sort of reaches the knees!).

halloween 2011 costume

I tortured the pets as well :)

Angriest kitty vampire ever:

Doggie was a pumkin:

Most of the guests brought dessert, and it was quite awesome. One couple was really creative. Karie dressed up as a hippie and baked brownies with some green flakes in them cause they were “that kind” of brownies. Her hubs Robert was a cop and brought donuts. Fun. More photos are on facebook (not linking it here to protect the privacy of my friends).

Cali Visit

Last week hubby and I visited my parents in California. As much as he complains about visiting the left coast, we had a really nice visit.

I got to see a lot of my family and even got to meet my new second cousin Nicole. We spent a day at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk with my parents and Grandma, and that was a great day. The weather was perfect and we got to play some fun games and enjoy the sunshine. We also went to Alcatraz with my parents, since they’ve never been but have lived in the area for 20+ years. It’s a really cool park museum with interesting history and amazing views of the SF Bay. I also got to visit some of my friends there, some of the few I still keep in contact with, so that was nice. It’s impossible to see everyone in a short timespan like that, especially when everyone is at work during the day.

My Dad likes to recycle technology through me. He gave me an HTC phone that Mom didn’t like so now I’m using a phone that works and is on an awesome Andriod platform. Yea, my second Blackberry was dying. I can see why Mom turned this phone down – the touch screen is smaller than her phone and it is hard to click the right letters. I’m still struggling to type on it, but I’m getting better. Dad also gave us a camera Mom didn’t like because it was too heavy (one of those big lens cameras) for what she wanted to use it for. Dad also likes to go to Fry’s Electronics on his lunch break, and he found a really good laptop computer for $300! So now I have a computer that works :) My previous laptop was 6+ years old, so it was really really (really!) slow. So looks like I made out really good this visit haha.


So I believe you celebrate your birthday the entire month of your birthday. And so I’ve been celebrating this month :) I’m in my late 20s now. I guess that means I’m supposed to be more mature or something? We’ll see.

Anyway here’s a quick recap of the stuff I’ve gotten for myself or hubby has gotten for me this month:

  • (1) Kindle 3G, Red leather case with book light, and two really cool skins from I’m so excited about my kindle. From now on all book club books are going to be read on it (once I get through the ones I have already purchased through June, yes we vote in advance and it’s easier to get multiple books in one order to take advantage of free shipping). I posted pics of it on facebook but here’s one pic:
  • (2) Diamond necklace from hubby. Since he has a temp job and is actually making a paycheck he decided I’ve earned a nice gift for putting up with him while he was in law school. So I picked out a pretty diamond necklace at Macy’s. It’s a princess cut style. It helped cause they were having some huge sales, so we really got a good deal on it, even though it was still expensive lol.
  • (3) We decided to upgrade my carry pistol to something a little stronger but still small, so we got the Ruger LCP Coyote Special (Texas Edition).
  • (4) Newish car. Since my car was gonna take more to repair to pass inspection than it was worth, we visited Texas Direct Auto and upgraded. I bought a 2005 Cadillac SRX. Yes I now drive an SUV. It pretty much gets the same gas mileage as my car used to, same size tank and all, but with gas prices being higher it still feels like I’m spending more on gas. Sure it’s not the new shiny curvy Caddy SRX that I fell in love with, but it’s still a Caddy and it’s still cute.
  • The Saturday after my birthday my friend who’s birthday is the day before mine and I had a joint birthday BBQ at my house. We finally got to use the big yard for something. It was very nice, even though I got sick on my birthday. I love pot lucks cause people can really get creative with their meals, or be lazy and buy something, and both work out very well. It was a nice relaxing day. And I even got pressies from people – yay gift cards. The day before my birthday and on my friend’s birthday we had a double date dinner at Benihana with each of us getting our meals free. They also got us to take a photo with their hat and that was fun too. My birthday was on the 13th and yea it’s been a week and a half since my birthday, but I even celebrated today with a coupon for a free meal. Yay for birthdays. Like I said, you can celebrate all month long :)

    Halloween 2010

    Happy Halloween! (Yes, a day late, whatever.) Hope all my fellow Halloween-lovers had a great day. I know we had a fun time.

    I hosted a costume party for my core group of friends (with the help of my husband, who helped with the prep and then hid for most of the party). There were about 20 of us, which was quite fun. We had some great costumes. Hubby and I wore matching costumes – I was a Roman empress and he wore the warrior costume (for about two hours and then changed into jeans cause he didn’t feel comfortable in the “short dress” tunic and the armor was too hot and he couldn’t easily move around or so he says).  Other couples that matched were: gangster and flapper girl, Thing 1 and Thing 2 (from Dr. Seuss). We had other couples that didn’t wear matching costumes. Some other costumes we had were: witches, cats, dark fairy, twister board game, referee, just rolled out of bed, a reaper, cowgirl, bumble bee and I’m sure I’m forgetting some. Photos are on facebook, some on my profile, and two other girls who took more photos than me. I decorated my house all cool and stuff cause this is really my first Halloween party in our house. I did some damage at the dollar store hehe. I also spent a lot of time prepping some neat finger foods that didn’t even get eaten and needed to get tossed. I found a cute recipe for ghost toast (toast and cream cheese, and made pumpkins from bread and food coloring mixed with cream cheese too), and zombie fingers (string cheese and bell pepper fingernails). The main dish recipe I did was pumpkin pasta. It said it serves 6, so we doubled the recipe (since we had about 20) and it turned out to be way too much. But that’s ok, we won’t have to cook for part of this week. I also made a cool green slime punch (lime gelatin, orange juice, club soda, and some sherbet and fruit slices). I found a cute recipe for an owl made from cheese balls so I bought the cheese balls and made it look like the picture. I liked how that turned out. I got told I was very creative, but really Google did all the work for me, I just copied. We had one girl that had to come a little early cause she was coming straight from work so I had her greet the guests while we changed, since the day got away from us and we weren’t ready on time. It took a while to get the costumes on for some reason, and I didn’t realize the hazards that come with these costumes. Turns out our shoes (the ones that lace up your thigh) were really slippery, and I took a nice tumble down the stairs. I got me some bruises now. But I’m ok.

    Not only did my house get some store-bought decorations, but my floor wore a costume too. Or, I should say, it wore it’s birthday suit (concrete). The week prior our downstairs toilet stopped up and overflowed and flooded our dining room floor. We didn’t notice until hubby found a puddle in the kitchen (cause it went right under the laminate floor). So we’re filing a claim with insurance and we had our floors torn up and tons of fans and dehumidifiers all over the bathroom and dining room hallway area.  Thankfully they came to remove all the stuff the morning of our party, so we had access to the downstairs bathroom and hallway again. It would have been interesting if everyone had to walk around large fans and use the upstairs bathrooms heh. Seriously, life is an adventure. The deductible ($2400) is giving me heartburn though, especially since hubby’s loans are due for starting payments (6 month grace period after graduation is over) and who knows how long until he finds a job. But we’ll manage.

    The party was tons of fun and it was so great to hang out with my wonderful friends. Can’t wait till the next party – New Years!

    Fun Weekend

    This past weekend was spent among friends, which is always a good thing! Saturday was a joint birthday party for two of my friends that have the same birthday (same year, too). Since they have so many mutual friends, it made sense to have one party (sort of like I did with my friend who’s birthday was the day before mine – different years though). They were shocked at how many people brought them presents. Of course it’s not expected but it’s nice, and it shows you care. I got Julie the Eclipse novella and a little kitty cat tea set (I got one for me too, it’s too freaking cute) and I got Wendy a book about raising children (since she’s prego) and some chocolates. They got some other cool stuff from other people, and it was so cute to watch them open the gifts. They opened presents from the same person at a time and it was cute to see how many matching things or similar things they got. One person gave them stationary, one with a J and one with a W. That picture is going to come out really cute. I hope Julie posts the pictures soon. The party was at her house and pictures taken with her cameras passed around heh. We played Apples to Apples and had some good food. It was just great fun. Yay parties. And yay for our awesome group of friends. Julie said this was the best birthday she’s had and the most friends she’s ever had – which just shows how awesome of a group we’ve developed over the past year or so.

    Sunday a bunch of the same girls plus more got together for brunch and we watched the movie Eat Pray Love. The movie was great, and the book was too when I read it a few years back. The story is so relateable. My favorite quotes from the book/movie are:

    • “Having a baby is like getting a tattoo on your face. You really need to be certain it’s what you want before you commit.”
    • “Smile with your Liver”

    Great quotes hehe :) I definitely recommend both the book and the movie to any ladies out there looking for something inspirational.

    In other news, hubby starts his new internship at the district attorney’s office today. Hope all goes well and maybe they’ll be hiring at the end.