November 10, 2011


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Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love to dress up and to decorate the house with fun and spooky things. Hubby didn’t let me buy the zombie babies from Spirit Halloween but those were awesome. We hosted a party again this year cause last year was so much fun. This year I had some fun with the menu. We made pumpkin chili (theme appopriate!) and a king ranch chicken casserole but for funsies I made some demon eyes. The weird thing is I guess my guests were kinda freaked out by them cause few were brave enough to try them. It was just food coloring and olives added to regular deviled eggs, chickens!

I dressed up as a Saloon girl and hubby dressed up as a Cowboy. My costume turned out to be pretty cool. I bought it online cause I was able to find one non-hoochy costume (where the dress sort of reaches the knees!).

halloween 2011 costume

I tortured the pets as well :)

Angriest kitty vampire ever:

Doggie was a pumkin:

Most of the guests brought dessert, and it was quite awesome. One couple was really creative. Karie dressed up as a hippie and baked brownies with some green flakes in them cause they were “that kind” of brownies. Her hubs Robert was a cop and brought donuts. Fun. More photos are on facebook (not linking it here to protect the privacy of my friends).

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