Why would you say these things to a pregnant woman?

There’s this one lady at work who every time she sees me will say things that are quite inappropriate. She doesn’t say them in a rude way, but what she says is not something I feel good hearing. Seriously, why would someone say such things to a pregnant woman?

Here’s what I mean:

* You’re due in November? Oh there’s no way you’ll make it that long as big as you are. [Umm.. so you're telling me I'll have a preemie just because I'm big?]

* Are you sure you’re just having one? [Yes, just one, thanks for calling me fat.]

* How much weight have you gained? [SERIOUSLY, WHAT WOMAN ASKS THIS OF ANYONE!!!?????]

* Are you sure you’re having a boy? Did you see a penis on the ultrasound? [OMG since when is my baby's genitalia any of your business???]

I saw this hilarious post on Pregnant Chicken on this very same topic, so I know I’m not alone in receiving such comments. Have any of my readers been on the receiving end of such remarks? Feel free to share your posts with me if you blogged about it, I’d love to read them.


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Welcome to Third Trimester

Today I am at 29 weeks pregnant, so I’m well into in my third trimester. I thought this would be a good opportunity to reflect upon the end of the second trimester and everything we’ve accomplished so far.


I took this photo a few days ago so I thought I’d share it as part of this post.

Smurfberry’s accomplishments:

By the end of the second trimester, Smurfberry:
* Weighs about 2 pounds (or more, since we’re measuring bigger)
* Can kick and poke (and oh boy does he!)
* Has thickened layers of skin, some hair and body fat.
* Has all 5 senses functioning

Go Smurfberry! You keep on growing nice and healthy, but be nice and let’s not get to be like 9 pounds at birth, OK?

Mine and hubby’s accomplishments:

We’ve gotten a lot of the big stuff that I know we’re going to need – crib, car seat and stroller, dresser and changing table, etc. Here are some of the awesome things:





The crib was actually a gift/hand me down. My niece and nephew used it, and my MIL painted it so it would look nice and new for her newest grandchild. She also gave us the adorable Lion King bedding :) We’ve been wanting to use greens and browns in our theme, something forest or jungle themed, so that works out nicely.

Since we’ve already had our destination baby showers with both sides of our family, we already are stocked up on a lot of the goodies we will need. My friends are talking about throwing me a local baby shower too, so I’m excited to finish off my “you will need this” list.

I am starting to feel the effects of the third trimester though. I’m out of breath again, feel huge some days and have a hard time getting up from a seated position. Nevermind dropping stuff – if there’s no one around to get it for me, I don’t need that item! lol Heartburn is back and sleeping has become difficult. But, I’m still trying to remain optimistic that it won’t get too bad, and am trying to stay calm about all the unknowns of the labor experience. It terrifies me, but I’m trying not to let the fear take over. Now’s the time to start reading inspirational posts even though I’m not usually into the squishy stuff.

Anyone have any advice for me? I’d love to hear it :)

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This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you buy the product, I will receive a commission.

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Second Trimester Update

As  I’m finishing up my 24th week, I thought I’d reflect on how my second trimester has been going. In short: it has been great! The second trimester is known for being the most comfortable, and I can certainly say it is much better than the first!

What has changed:

1. The nausea is gone, hurray! All the food aversions seem to be behind me. I guess bring on the cravings?

2. The breathlessness is gone and I finally have the energy to go up the stairs once or twice if I really need to. I’ve even walked over a mile one day! (I mean, I don’t plan to do that again, but it is cool to know that I can, right?)

3. The bump is bumpalicious! So I no longer just look a little fat, but I actually look unmistakably preggers. My little (or big on some days) bump is fun to sport, actually. I’ve had to go buy some maternity clothes because I was just no longer fitting most of my “fat clothes” and the belly button band with my pre-pregnancy clothes was no longer comfortable.

4. Little kicks! I can feel Smurfberry moving around all the time now and it is just so fun. It makes me laugh sometimes because it is like he is knocking to say hello. He is responsive, too. When the nurse was searching for his heartbeat at my last appointment, he kicked back at her. It was neat. There’s a little life stirring around inside me and I’m finally feeling connected to him.

I struggled with wrapping my head around all that being pregnant means during my first trimester. Now, I’ve definitely embraced being pregnant and have been enjoying these past few months. I feel great and people smile at me a lot. I’m a bit worried about the third trimester though, because I don’t want to be uncomfortable again. And of course, I am terrified about labor, but I think I have enough knowledge about what is going to happen, and support (I also plan to get a doula, in addition to my family support), so I think I will get through it. Hopefully, with my sanity intact heh. I haven’t quite embraced the thought of being a parent yet, but that will come I’m sure when I’m holding little Smurfberry in my arms.

Smurfberry ultrasound update

Friday we had our 19 week appointment that involved an ultrasound. We would have been able to find out the gender then, but we already knew earlier from our genetic testing. Smurfberry is definitely a boy. Oh boy, he was not shy at all. We were told he is measuring in the 91st percentile in growth, so he will definitely be a big boy. I’m sure he’ll be tall and take after hubby. I wonder how long until he’s taller than me? I mean I’m only 5 foot 3. Anyway it was so amazing to see him moving around during the ultrasound. He moved so much. He actually kicked up with his feet a few times at the ultrasound wand. I don’t think he liked being pushed on. I can’t feel it quite yet since I have an anterior placenta, but I should start feeling it in a few weeks. At one point he waved his little fingers at us. It was such an exciting appointment since the previous ultrasound was too small and you really couldn’t see much going on. This time there was so much activity. Here’s the best picture of the little guy. Now if we could just pick a name.BrJ2-syCYAA5uuY

My product purchases so far this pregnancy

I haven’t purchased too many things yet this pregnancy. I’m doing my best to be frugal because I know a lot of expenses are on the horizon. But these few products that I did have to buy have been life savers for me.

The belly band. Not the kind that supports your back in your final months, but the one that extends the life of your pre-pregnancy clothes. It sits on top of your unbuttoned pants so that you can continue wearing your old clothes for as long as you can. I’m going to mention both items that I bought and explain why they worked or did not work for me. I first bought the Be Maternity BeBand from Target on my way home from work one day when my pants would no longer button comfortably. It was about $16. They only had the white one in stock and the largest size they have is a “L”. I found the material stretchy but tight so on days when I felt super bloated, it did cause me discomfort. The material is nylon and spandex, so it also snagged and got a tear on it. Also, it was long, going from nearly my crotch to my bra. Sure, you can fold it over, but that made it even tighter. In addition, the thing would not stay in place. It twisted and moved around and I constantly had to readjust. One more thing, and this was the most annoying, is it did nothing to keep my unbuttoned pants from folding over and sticking straight out. So then I saw this Belly Button Band offer they had around Mother’s Day to get the band for free and just pay shipping (in fact, you can just search online and find codes to get the item free at almost any time!) I paid about $11 in shipping I think. I was skeptical, since what do you really get for an item that is free, but let me tell you this has been exactly what I needed. The important piece – it has buttons so your pants button into it and stay in place!  It therefore does not slide around! Also, it is not as tall, just going from the zipper area to the button line. I wish it was a few inches taller though because the top of my pants sits above it, and it might be more comfortable if that was completely underneath the band. The material feels like it is mostly cotton, so no more stretchy pressure, but just loose comfort. Since it attaches to the pants, I can just slide my pants down like a pair of sweats and don’t have to fumble anything. So I completely recommend this one (but it doesn’t hurt to find a code to get it for free, am I right?).

Pregnancy pillow. I had a hard time sleeping on my side because of back pain, so I went and got a body pillow to help me with that problem. I ended up going with the Boppy 3 piece total body pregnancy pillow from Target. What I liked about it is the Boppy brand name, but also that it was designed by a physical therapist. Also, it is in 3 pieces, so you can mix and match how you like. I love my own pillow, so I removed the head pillow part and I prop it up behind my back for extra support. The part between my legs has helped keep my spine straight and lessen my back pain. I haven’t started using the under the belly portion yet. The pieces connect by velcro, so that is a little noisy, but it seems to hold together well when I did try it out. In the store I was able to get this pillow for $45 (cheaper than advertised online). Definitely worth it.

So those are my purchases so far and my opinions on them. Are there any pregnancy must-have items you want to share?

Why can’t I picture it yet?

Hubby and I have been trying to have the names discussion and we realize that we are on a completely different page when it comes to possible boy names. Girl names we can agree on, since we both like pretty sounding girl names. But for a boy’s name, he wants something tough and strong (aka no “pansy” names), and I of course want something that sounds nice and cute. He keeps telling me, picture the boy with that name, not the baby, but the boy. And I just can’t. I can’t even picture the baby! I can’t picture anything! So I guess I’m wondering, is that normal? I realize I’m only at 16 weeks so it is early still, but some people have always pictured themselves as parents and seem to be able to picture themselves with a child. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around this whole thing, so the future family picture in my mind is so blurry. Can anyone relate?

Food aversions and cravings

So I’ve had some interesting changes in my tastes and I thought it would be a good idea to document them and see if others had similar experiences.

I very quickly stopped being able to eat a salad. Just the lettuce texture and salad dressing smell was an instant turn-off for me.

Lately I haven’t been able to eat bread. Like, sorry honey you just grilled these awesome burgers but that bun is gross to me right now.

I’ve also gotten even more intolerant to spicy food. I used to be able to handle a little hot. Now I can’t handle any at all.

As for cravings, I can’t say I really have had that many. I’ve craved Twizzlers, but that might just be for the fruity flavor and the chewy texture that helped with nausea. I’ve also been craving fresh fruit more, which is definitely a good thing now that we’re going into summer.

Happy Mother’s Day. I suppose I should make my announcement…

That’s right, there’s a Smurfberry growing in my belly! (That’s the nickname we started using, and it is just too cute.) I know, I’m as surprised as you! I mean, I know I agreed to do this, but I don’t think I actually believed it would happen. I’m still not sure I believe it, but I guess the photo doesn’t lie. Also, it appears this profile that I got from my Daddy which made me be nothing but chin as a child is being passed on to my little one. Sorry in advance, Smurfberry.

I’m finishing up my 12th week right now, so I’m expecting to start feeling a little better soon. Though honestly I can’t really complain. This pregnancy so far has been so much better than I expected (actually, feared) it would be. I haven’t once broken my no puking rule (don’t get me wrong, there were quite a few times I had to convince my body that it really didn’t want to do this). Not sure how I managed that, but I’m so thankful that it has been this way. I only got “evening” sickness, so I was fine to go to work but just felt lousy every evening right after dinner and before bed. I think that might be why it has been easier on me since I could just go to bed and rest when I felt so lousy.

Up until several weeks ago, I felt pretty decent. I had the growing pains in my belly and of course the evening nausea, but I felt calm and alert. Now though I feel tired all the time. I’m constantly out of breath and it feels like it takes a tremendous amount of effort to do the most normal every day tasks. This is especially frustrating since we just moved and I was able to make hundreds of trips up and down the stairs as well as help carry heavy furniture. Now I can barely walk up the stairs without getting winded. I’m looking forward to that getting better in my second trimester.

As for the being hungry all the time rumor, yep that’s true. I thought I’d be fine since being on Jenny Craig taught me to eat 6 small meals a day, but now it feels like I’m eating more like 8. I’m constantly hungry, but I can’t eat too much at a time because everything is squished around. That whole “eating for two” is crap since there’s no way I can eat two portions in one sitting. But about an hour or two later I’ll be hungry again. Thankfully I just got moved at work in my client’s office to my own cubicle and now I’m tucked away instead of in the “bull pen” with 3 other people right next to the break room. I got to hide out in my cube and stuff my face or make “I feel yucky” facial expressions without someone noticing. I still haven’t made an announcement at work, but I need to soon. I’m starting to show.

I recently had to go buy a belly band since my normal pants just stopped buttoning one day. One day I’m fine and what seems like overnight I have a bump and none of my pants fit. Well, I was hoping to use my “fat clothes” from before the weight loss but as it turns out they are just too big. While the pants might fit more comfortably around my waist, they are just way too baggy on me. Same goes for the shirts. They might be more comfortable in the tummy, but are huge in the shoulders. Which makes me feel awesome about my weight loss, but I wanted to be frugal in this pregnancy! So I might have to go maternity clothes shopping sooner than I expected. We’ll see. For now I’m sticking to the belly band with my pre-pregnancy-after-weight-loss pants and my looser tops or those with a built in jacket type thing.

Pretty much right after we found out, I noticed my hair was extra thick and frizzy. For me, that was not a good thing because my hair is already a giant mess, but it turned into a fro mop! I had to go get a keratin treatment to calm it down back to normal. But it feels great now, so it was definitely worth it. I also went back to my dark brown color. Highlights were fun, but they are no longer something I can keep up with.

I’m due mid-November. So I’ll be enjoying a good Thanksgiving sushi fest. I miss sushi so much! I’ve been good about caffeine though. I drink one cup of regular tea in the morning to get me through my drive to work, and I’ve been drinking decaf tea otherwise for flavor mostly. Cause I love my teas. I even found an expectant mothers tea, and it tastes yummy. Since I made a lot of good habits while dieting last year, I feel like the transition to what I can and can’t eat has been pretty easy. The hard part was figuring out what all I can’t have.

I can’t wait to find out cowboy or cowgirl. It makes it so hard to prepare if I can’t really even get an idea of what I’m preparing for. I don’t want to only be buying green and brown and yellow. Hopefully I can find out earlier than what all the baby websites say. I have a coworker who found out at about 14 weeks or so, so maybe at my next appointment I can ask for a blood test.

Anyway this has been and will be an interesting journey and while I’m terrified, I’m starting to get a little more comfortable with the idea. Maybe by the time November rolls around I’ll feel ready.