Enough with the Squishy

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I might be in the minority opinion on this, so we’ll see what this post turns into. I’m not very much into all the “feel good” stuff that women seem to be into. I don’t like chick flicks, I don’t watch Lifetime movies just to have a good cry, etc. I’m also not into speeches and presentations that are only meant to “empower” women to feel a certain way about themselves and their lives without any practical information. This is what I call “squishy”. It is the stuff that is meant to give you the warm and fuzzies and make your heart go all squishy. That’s all well and good, we all need to feel that way every now and again, but what I don’t like is that being the entire goal of the presentation.

Without going into too many details, I recently followed along with a conference of sorts that had various presentations on specific topics. Some of the presentations were extremely useful and I really felt like I benefited from listening. Others, I felt were a waste of my time. These were the “squishy” presentations.

Don’t just remind me that as a woman I wear many hats and need to remember to take “me time”. Great, now what? Oh, you don’t know either?

Don’t just tell me that an organized home is a calmer home with less stress. Actually give me tips on how to tackle the pantry or the garage.

Don’t just tell me to be empowered to take on that job that might be a challenge. Why not include a workshop on common interview questions and what kind of expectations the interviewer might have, or suggest good topics of conversation over a face to face lunch meeting.

See what I mean? Am I the only one who feels this way?

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Almost done with the sale of our former house

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In less than two weeks we are scheduled to close on the sale of our first house. It is a little bittersweet since we lived in it for the past 6 years, started our lives as a family together, etc etc. But I’m happy the sale has been pretty quick because paying two mortgages is not fun. We bought our new home at the end of January and moved in mid-February. It took us some time to get the rest of our stuff out of the former house and do some repairs so we listed it for sale the second week in March. The marked in that area is amazing right now and we immediately had a great offer, which we accepted.

I kind of find it interesting that the person buying it is moving from California just like I did, and is doing all the documents electronically because she isn’t even here to see the house. I did that too. At least hubby got to visit and pick out the house, and I just did the paperwork remotely. I don’t know if she had anyone other than a Realtor look at it. I am very thankful at how smoothly the sale is going. The person buying it put down a large down payment and so we didn’t expect financing to be an issue. The buyer also didn’t really request a lot from us in terms of repairs or closing costs. We’re paying for title insurance, which sounds like it is typical for the seller to pay, and they also requested us to buy the home warranty for the year to insure the home appliances. I think that is fair too since when we bought our new house, the seller bought our home warranty. It isn’t really that expensive, so not a big deal. We just need to pick a company to use, and we can use the same company that was bought for us. They did have an interesting request in the amendment, but it was so minor that we just said sure why not. They wanted us to split the cost with them to remove the palm tree out front, I guess because they thought it was too close to the house and might cause damage sometime in the future. Ok, sure, that’s all? Got it.

Hopefully all continues to go well but for now they are past all the option periods so we just need to close. The closing will be on April 25. I’m very excited and thankful that everything seems to be going well. Our Realtor is really doing a good job for us.

♥♥ Dee


New Hair!

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Last summer I decided to get highlights – and it was fun. I enjoyed it, I wanted a make over, and I had fun with it. But the up keep was just too much for me. It looked awful when my roots grew in and took hours to touch up. So I made the decision to go back to my dark chocolate brown hair color. Mmm chocolate! I went to a new-to-me salon that is located really close to my new home and I liked my assigned stylist. She talked me into getting a Keratin treatment, the 7 week one, so hopefully the crazy fuzzy mop on my head will be better for a while. She also gave me a really neat cut. She gave me all kinds of long layers all over the place to give my hair bounce, instead of flop. Check out this not-so-flattering-makeup-less selfie:


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My weight loss journey … or what I learned from being on Jenny Craig

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I haven’t done a weight loss update in a while, so I thought I’d go ahead and write up a post summarizing everything I’ve learned and my progress to date. As you can see, I’ve lost almost 30 pounds from when I took a good hard look at myself and said enough! I was finally motivated to get healthy, and since I wasn’t really all that great at keeping up on my own, I decided to join Jenny Craig. My  husband was leaving for a military deployment, and I knew I was not going to cook for just myself anyway. So rather than eating TV dinners, I ate Jenny Craig meals. But just eating those meals was not enough – no, you had supplement with lots and lots of fruits and vegetables, and other snacks. It was a struggle for me at first, but after about a month I got the hang of it, and the routine became comfortable for me. I know some people can’t stand eating the same type of food all the time, but it really didn’t bother me. I did have my off days (like book clubs and friend dinners and when I traveled) but for the most part I ate my Jenny meals and saw the results. So here is a list of what I learned, and how I can continue to use what I learned in my life now that I’m off the Jenny Craig diet.

Eat 6 small meals a day. It was hard for me at first, especially with the large breakfast I had to eat (a meal, a milk product, and a fruit  when I was used to only eating a yogurt for breakfast), but it got my day started off right and kicked off my metabolism. And it makes sense. Babies need to be fed every 3 hours, so why not adults? I used to struggle with what I called “hunger headaches” if it had been too long between meals. Well, that completely went away since I was snacking every 3 hours. So I would eat a good size breakfast, then have a mid-morning snack (usually a milk product, OK, usually string cheese!), then I would eat a lunch (with vegetables), then a mid-afternoon snack (usually fruit), then dinner and dessert. YES I got to eat dessert, and let me tell you the Jenny Craig cheesecakes were quite yummy! The best part about eating more often is you don’t overeat. It really helps with portion control. I think this is the most important item that I learned, since I’m continuing to apply it to my current eating habits.

Fruits and vegetables are your friends.  I had to add fruit or vegetables to every meal, and I’ve really gotten into the habit of eating healthier. I’ve become a big fan of zucchini and kale. Now I even bring a salad to work to eat with my sandwich. Clean eating has become a fad nowadays, and I think learning to add fruits and vegetables to my menu is a good step in that direction.

Having someone to talk with really helps. Having to do weekly check ins got *really* annoying after a while, but at the same time, I don’t think I would have been as successful without that. Checking in with someone who won’t judge you but will try to help motivate you really keeps you on track and helps you get through minor setbacks. Staying motivated is not easy, and it is pretty much impossible to make progress without the motivation to keep going. Now I have hubby to help remind me to eat healthy and stay motivated to keep the weight off.

Slow and steady (you know how that saying goes). The safest way to lose weight is slowly, about 1-2 pounds a week. The way to make this happen, and maintain it, is to establish healthy habits that you can keep up with after you go off a specific “diet”. Do what feels right and make small changes in your routine until they work for you. As you look back over time, you’ll see the progress you’ve made.

Move, and keep moving. I’m not big on going to the gym. In fact, I bought a used elliptical machine so I wouldn’t have to go to the gym. But my favorite activities are more social. I love going for a walk and chatting during that time. Before I moved, my neighbor and one of my closest friends would get together on weekends to go for walks around our subdivision. Now that I’ve moved we won’t be able to do that anymore, but I hope to continue going for walks now that hubby is back. I need to get  back into an activity routine when we’re a little more settled into the new house.

Those are the main items, though I’m sure there’s more that I’m forgetting at the moment. I’m not saying this diet plan is for everyone. All I’m saying is this program was right for me at that particular time in my life. I continue to be amazed at the differences I see in myself. I have more energy than I did before, I feel healthier and just better overall.

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I’m the blogger spotlight today at Racing Bananas!

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This is so exciting! Kim at Racing Bananas has me as her blogger spotlight today. Go check it out!

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The new house!

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We closed on the new house on Monday, January 27th. Since then we’ve been busy packing up everything in our current house and getting ready for the move. We got the power turned on first, and the water finally turned on yesterday. The gas is being turned on today. The painter is coming this weekend. We already have about half of our stuff moved. I have really really awesome friends. Here’s why: last weekend my friend with a 4-horse trailer volunteered herself and her boyfriend to help us move our big furniture! So last weekend they came over and my awesome friend Rose (aka my co-blogger on the book blog) helped pack up my books while her boyfriend and my husband moved things like the dinning room set, deep freezer, futon, exercise equipment, king size mattress, etc. The only big stuff we have left to move are the fridge, the TV, and the bed we’re currently sleeping on. The rest is little stuff. Hopefully we can move the rest this weekend and once the fridge and stuff is in the new house, we can move the pets and start living out of our new space. It will definitely be an adjustment to me and I don’t know what my new commute will be like, but I love our new house and am looking forward to settling in there! :)

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Happy 2014, Let’s Catch Up

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I have been really busy with a whole lot of different things, and haven’t been keeping up with posting here as often as I would like. I blame the Book Blog.  But also, some major changes are happening. So let’s catch up.

1. Hubby came back! So as you can imagine, life has completely changed. I missed him a lot, but I got used to having the house to myself (and the pets). Now there’s someone around who hasn’t been around for almost a year, and we both have some adjusting to do. I took a week off work when he first came home, which was right before Xmas so two of those days were holidays anyway. It was nice to get to spend some time together again finally. But we were very busy once the holidays passed. Because…

2. We’re buying a house! So I mentioned before that we will need to move farther north in the area to split the drive between both our jobs, and so we’ve been looking at houses online for months. When hubby returned, we went and visited our top list, and one house just stood out among the rest. So we made an offer, and we’re buying it! There is so much involved with buying a house, from offers to counteroffers, to loan applications, to house inspections and negotiations on that. There has been a lot of signing a lot of various documents, but hopefully things will settle down a little for this next part of the transaction where we’re waiting for the appraisal and loan approval. Let me tell you, it’s a helluva house. I can’t even call it my dream home, because I never expected a house like this in my wildest dreams. It is HUGE and has 6 bedrooms and a huge yard. So we can have both our families visit at the same time and not be standing on each other. It gives us the room to grow and spread out. Most importantly, yours truly will have her own library :) We should be closing by the end of January so we’ll be even more busy when we have to pack up our current house and move.

Other things of note…

3. I flew to FL to visit with hubby’s family at the annual Xmas gathering. He wasn’t able to attend because it was just before his release date, so I went alone. It was kind of cool how everyone took good care of me and I guess I’ve been in the family long enough that it wasn’t awkward for me to be on my own. I loved getting to spend time with my niece and nephew too. One bad thing though – the bugs out there love me omg! I have a story for you: a bee flew *IN* my mouth and stung my lip. No kidding. My lip got so big! Omg it was like on Hitch. Awful. So there’s my I hate bugs story of the year.

4. Hubby and I spent NYE in DFW with some friends. We had a really nice time visiting with them and on new years day they took us to the FW Stockyards (which is old timey area in Fort Worth that is very cowboy). I don’t have any pictures to share cause the lady who is a real photographer type who carried around a phallic camera took all the pictures, but has yet to share! She might be holding them hostage until we visit again.

Anyway that’s all I can think of for an update for the past month or so. Until next time, hope everyone is doing well.

♥♥ Deanna. Dee. Miranda. Sean


Cat Thursday

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cat thursday 2


I haven’t done Cat Thursday in a while, but I thought I’d participate in this Holiday edition because I recently found this photo of my kitteh Dusty Rose taken several years ago when she was still a wee kitteh. As you can see, Grinch Kitty is not amused. Yea that’s her in a stocking and wearing a Santa hat. I’m so mean apparently.



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Live of a Blogger: TV Shows

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Jessi at Novel Heartbeat started this cool meme call Life of a Blogger. This week’s topic is TV Shows, and I thought I’d join in.
I definitely watch a lot of TV, though I’ve been watching a lot less this year than I normally do with hubby. I put together this list
of shows that I watched this year or am currently watching.
The first show on my list (Supernatural) is my favorite show and the only show I’ve been watching live. I DVR everything else and watch when convenient, so I don’t even remember what days the shows come on. The rest of the list isn’t in any particular order. I’m sure there are some I’ve forgotten, but this is a good size list.
  • Supernatural
  • The Vampire Diaries
  • The Walking Dead
  • True Blood
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
  • The Voice
  • Marvel’s  Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • America’s Next Top Model
  • Big Bang  Theory
  • Witches of East End
  • Drop Dead Diva
  • Bones
  • Two Broke Girls
  • How I Met Your Mother


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Cat Thursday

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cat thursday 2



This is what likes to warm my lap when I’m trying to get to sleep :) How adorable is she?


This was actually this past Friday night. I ran out of cat treats earlier in the week and stopped by after work Friday to get more. She’s a very happy kitty now that she has treats again.


♥♥ Deanna. Kate. Michelle @ The True Book Addict. Miranda

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