So we adopted a puppy

Posted December 30, 2011 by Julie in Pets / 5 Comments

I have a funky story to tell about our recent trip. So every year we go over to Florida for the annual family Christmas on hubby’s side. There’s the giant party with everyone where we do secret Santa and then we go visit people we rarely see and have a smaller Christmas with us, hubby’s parents, and his sister and her new family. Well, this year while we were visiting one of our cousins, we ended up adopting a dog. We’ve been wanting to get another dog for a little while but have been putting it off cause getting a dog from a breeder is expensive and all the vet bills for a puppy are a bit too much for us right now. But Dixie is 6 now and it is a good time to have her help train a younger furry friend. So when Katie told us that a lab mix puppy had been hanging around her house for the past week before we arrived, we thought we’d check that out. She already has 4 dogs and this one was so scared and skittish that she was afraid to have him around her one year old twins. She was planning to take him down to the Humane Society but since there isn’t a huge demand for stray dogs in that small town, she was sure he would get put to sleep. Well, after playing with him for a little bit, we had him up on hubby’s lab and were hand feeding him, so we are sure we can get that skiddishness out of him. We think now that he’s a boxer mix. He is about 40 pounds but he is very strong and solid. We’re pretty sure he’s going to outweigh Dixie pretty soon (she’s 60 pounds). We named him Diesel 🙂 It fits him very well because he is so strong (and we wanted another D name since both our current pets have D names).


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5 Responses to “So we adopted a puppy”

  1. Wow! 🙂 That is so adorable! I’m sure Diesel will have a great time in his new home. I’ve always preferred adopting pets than buying from breeders or pet shops because it helps save a life too. Enjoy your new pet 🙂

  2. We had a house party at a friend’s house and watched the ball drop on TV. 🙂 Happy new year’s to you too 🙂

  3. Wow! That is great!!! You and your hubby saved Diesel’s life! I’m sure he will be fine, he won’t be lonely!!! My cat O’mally is also skiddish- loud noises overwhelm him… He’s still a wonderful pet and that is nothing a hug can’t solve! or reassurance. Oh! Happy new years Julie! Here’s to many more to come. *cheers* How was your new years? Did you celebrate or watch the ball drop?

  4. Awe Julie! That’s awesome!! He looks like he’s going to be a lot of fun. I think it’s great that you guys chose a dog that may not have had a chance to thrive otherwise.

    Hope you have a wonderful 2012!