Camping and Horseback riding

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These two weekends in a row I have agreed to so outdoorsy activities.

Last weekend we went camping at Inks Lake State Park (outside of Austin) with our neighbor friends who just got engaged. Yes, their celebration of engagement was going camping. It was an interesting experience, had some ups and downs. It turns out hubby had a really nice 4 person tent and we had an air mattress, so we were able to get a somewhat comfortable set up for sleeping. The engaged couple brought food for everyone for the entire time, as well as a propane stove and metal dishes. Yea, they’re super campers. Their family members and some of their friends made it out too. We had about 8 people (some left early, others came later). I had an issue on Saturday with dehydration which was kind of unfortunate. We went hiking after breakfast, but I hadn’t really had a chance to drink a lot of water yet, and even though I drank from hubby’s camelback the entire time, I still got really headachey and dizzy. And I also had a flare up of my plantar fasciitis from all the walking on uneven ground and rocks. My foot is doing better now but it wasn’t nice to me then. I’m not hanging out with athletic people anymore, it’s just not safe for my health to try to keep up. So that was not fun, but otherwise it was a nice trip. Neighbor lady really planned the meals nicely and I was impressed with all the variation for each meal and all that little stove could do. Dixie also had a great time swimming and walking around and sniffing things. Though she was a bad dog when it came to hanging out at the campsite. Dogs had to be on leashes, and she whined the entire time. She is ok with her leash when she is walking with us, but at home she is free to walk around and follow us so when she is tied to a tree and we are not right beside her, she whines like an annoying monster mouse. Yea, I was not happy with her. Neighbor lady’s sister brought her dog and that dog was so well behaved. Gah, Dixie can be a pain sometimes. I took some photos of the pretty state park scenery and got some photos taken of us as well. Heres’s one. More on Facebook.

Yesterday we had a horseback riding lesson. I bought one of those daily deal coupons and the stables are super close to our house. This was my first time on a horse, ever. They had a staircase for us to climb up to the saddle but then we still had to swing our leg around. Well I had nothing to hold onto (this is english style riding, so the saddle didn’t have anything to grab onto) so I almost fell off but I grabbed onto the horse’s great big neck and got myself steady. I had some balance issues cause I already don’t have good balance when I’m on the ground but here I’m in the air with no seatbelt or anything to hold onto. The instructor had to be super careful with me and hold onto my food to make sure I wasn’t falling. But I got the hang of sitting up on the horse toward the end of the lesson and the leading techniques are pretty easy. I’m thinking this might be something I might be willing to continue to do. I definitely need a lot more lessons to get fully comfortable on that beast of an animal and be able to move faster than a walk. Hubby never had official lessons but he rode horses as a kid (just the get on and stay on method) so he didn’t have any issues. So I might need more lessons than him to get us to the point where we can go rent a horse and ride some trails together. But it sounds fun. Though this morning I am super sore. Wow what a workout!

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  1. Great picture! It sound like you had quite the adventures. I agree with you- horseback riding is quite the workout. Sorry to hear about you heel pain on your camping trip! Ugh!

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