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I had my appointment with an eye doctor yesterday to get an updated prescription. Turns out, my last prescription is dated 2003! I know you’re supposed to get your eyes checked annually, and I knew I was behind, but I didn’t realize that much time had passed. Anyway I realized this because my glasses (of at least 7 years) started getting blurry and I started getting more headaches than usual. So I made an appointment.

I’ve been wearing glasses since senior year of high school, but since I’m near-sighted, I only actually wear them presentations/meetings (and to class back when I was a student) and when I drive. Oh, and to movies/theater. Otherwise, I walk around without them and usually end up squinting at people who are far away. So I decided it’s time to switch to contacts.

I’ve never had issues sticking my fingers in my eyes to get out a pesky eyelash so I figured this would be easy. I was shocked at how much my eyes resisted and I couldn’t fight back the reflect to shut my eyes every time I tried to insert the contacts. The lady was very patient with me but I’m sure she sees this all the time with first timers. My eyes were so red and teary when I was done. I had black tears all over my face heh. Maybe I should have washed off my makeup before going to the appointment. But I got fitted and I got my prescription. I have a week to try them out and my follow up appointment is in a week. Then we can see how I’m doing and make any changes if necessary before I pick up my 6 month supply. I also got a back up set of glasses and a pair of sunglasses to wear with my contacts. How awesome, I haven’t worn sunglasses in forever since my old glasses are transition lens. I did not pay for transition lenses with my new pair of glasses since it’s another hundred bucks and I hopefully will not wear them much. I’m to wear my contacts n0 more than 5 hours the first day and slowly increase 1 hour a day until I can wear them full time. Of course, I am to take them off at night. Since I have dry eyes I might have problems so the doctor gave me contact lens safe eye drops to help me out. I gotta hide my usual Visine since it will damage my contacts.

I also had my eyes dilated for the first time yesterday. I haven’t had it done before because I was in school and needed to be able to study after my appointment, which was on a Saturday morning. This appointment was in the evening after work and  I didn’t need to be able to read. But I was shocked at how bad my eyes were after dilation. I was so light sensitive, I felt like a vampire lol. But the scary thing was having to drive home after the appointment. I had hubby meet me on his way home from work to help me pick out my frames and I followed him home. I couldn’t tell how far away cars were because all I saw were bright headlights like the sun. My depth perception was completely off and it was really helpful to be able to follow him into lanes and turns. I couldn’t have done it safely if I had to drive alone. Next time maybe I can arrange it so he drives me. We thought that maybe it would have been better to leave my car there until the dilation wore off, but it didn’t fully go away when I went to bed last night so I’m glad I had my car already at the house. It was an interesting experience.

Hopefully I can make this contacts thing work :)

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3 thoughts on “Eye Exam

  1. Hi Julie! I don’t know if you remember me. I used to own sherunsaway.org and I kind of fell off the face of the blogging earth :) I’m back and I was looking for people whose blogs I used to read. I was excited to see you still had yours!

    Anyway. I’m glad you got home safe. They usually make sure that you didn’t drive before they dilate your eyes. How’s the progress on the contacts?

  2. It’s probably been just as long since I got my prescription for glasses. Like you, I only wear my glasses when I need to see far away, which right now is pretty much never.

    I didn’t think you were supposed to drive when your eyes were dilated. I’m glad you made it home safely!

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