Mrs. Esquire

Posted May 30, 2010 by Julie in Family, School / 8 Comments

Hubby graduated law school last weekend! Finally, after 3 long years, graduation day came. It was nice, but kind of hectic since he had his military training that he had to go to right after finals ending and right before graduation (which were a week apart). Technically the training was longer, but he got special permission to get there late and leave early due to those events. He had to drive all the way to Fort Bliss (El Paso) and back in the course of one week. And immediately after driving back, we pick up his parents from the airport for the graduation. So, now that he's graduated, he's an esquire. He still has his bar review courses up until the bar exam at the end of July. Then when he gets his license his title changes to counselor. He won't know his results until about November though. So in the meantime, lucky boy has gotten himself a dream internship at a local county district attorney's office. If they like him, they'll hire him when he gets his license. That's his ideal job right now that he wants, so landing this internship is just the best next step. He found out that he got the internship two days after graduation, so this counted as the best week ever.



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  1. Much congratulations to your husband. I have heard from several people that law school is very difficult, so it is a major accomplishment.

  2. Good to know your hubby made it. Finally, after the long wait and now it’s there. hopefully everything would go really well until the time he gets hired and your family will then have that financial stability and security. Anyway, good luck!

  3. Wooo congrats to your husband :)

    Can’t believe your site’s still going – I came across it again by chance! I used to run and – don’t know if you remember me?

  4. Aly

    That’s great news, Julie – send my congratulations to Steven! It must be so exciting to see all that hard work finally paying off. :)

    I didn’t know though that “esquire” was the title given to lawyers before they become “counsellor”. Interesting! I’d always thought it was just an old-fashioned title reserved for the English gentry, lol.