My baby is home!

My kitty is home! She came back this morning! I heard a YELLING meow outside the door at around 6:30 AM. She was wet cause it rained and her little paws were scratched and bloody. She was so tired that she didn’t want to eat, she just laid there. she must have run circles for two whole days after realizing she was lost. My poor little kitty. She spent all day sitting in her litter box. I guess that’s her “safe” place. But now she’s stinky cause it wasn’t a clean litter box. She’s really shy still so I guess she’s still stressed over being lost. I’m sooo happy she’s home and safe!

I’m extra happy that she came home when she did, cause the past two nights were unseasonably warm, but it froze tonight. That would have just been horrible for her.

6 thoughts on “My baby is home!

  1. I’m glad your cat is home! My cat living with my parents have ran away a couple of times and I always worried sick over her so I know how it feels.

  2. oh my! *jumps for joy*

    I go through each of your entries– and I just posted at your “worried about my kitty” post; now when I clicked on this one makes me so happy that your kitty is home yey!

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