My breastfeeding journey so far

One of my goals with this baby was to breastfeed. While I understood exclusive breastfeeding may not be an option, both my own mother and grandmother struggled with low supply, but I was hopeful. I realize you have to have goals but be flexible in how things actually turn out, since things in life don’t always go as planned.

My baby was born on a Monday but my milk didn’t come in until Saturday. Before that, I supposedly should have had colostrum, but I really don’t think I did. Baby H’s first day in the hospital was very stressful because his blood sugar kept dropping too low. My hospital is very pro-breastfeeding, but if baby isn’t meeting all their metrics, they do push formula. So they made me attempt to breastfeed at every feeding but then supplement with formula. I had both lactation consultants come see me in my hospital room and try to help, but Baby H would not nurse. We decided it was likely due to me not having very much colostrum in there, since he would try to latch and suck, and break off and scream, and we could tell no liquid was coming out. I even tried pumping, and got condensation. So I was told to supplement until my milk came in, and he would likely do better once he was actually getting something.

Well, my milk came in on that Saturday, but we still had a lot of issues with breastfeeding. He still couldn’t get the hang of latching on so I pumped, but wasn’t getting a whole lot. So I continued to supplement so the little guy would eat. At his appointment with the pediatrician, she suggested we get a different lactation consultant to come to the house and help us out one on one. I made an appointment and the nice lady really worked with Baby H and we realized he had a very lazy latch. He wasn’t using his tongue and didn’t open up wide enough so he wasn’t pulling out anything, which is why he kept screaming and coming off the breast. She also told me to increase the number of times I pumped and start taking the Mother Love More Milk Plus supplement to help with my supply.

Fast forward to today, and I have to say while thing have gotten better, they are not what I hoped they would be. Baby H is 6 weeks old, and while he does nurse most of the time, sometimes he still is lazy and screams rather than nurses. Even when he does a great job nursing and I can feel him empty me, he still isn’t satisfied and continues to want more food. That is when I supplement with formula. When I pump, I average about 2 oz total from both breasts, and he typically eats 4 or more. I do realize he might be getting more than the pump, but since he has a lazy suck, I don’t think he does. The couple of times I was able to nurse and weigh using a baby scale, he got about 2.5 oz in the feedings. He also tires himself out so much when nursing that he passes out, and wakes up again 10 minutes or so later still starving. So either I nurse round the clock to try to keep him full, or I give him a bottle and get a break. He definitely is bottle spoiled since the pumped milk or formula flows out so much easier, which I realize is perpetuating the problem of his lazy suck, but I’ve come to terms with it.

I’ve decided as long as I breastfeed him several times a day, even if I top off with formula and formula feed other meals, I’m still giving him the good stuff and all my immunities, and that makes me a good Mom. Yes, I have to buy formula and am not ending up with completely cost-free and exclusively breastmilk feedings for my child like I had hoped, but that is ok; that doesn’t mean I’m not a good Mom. Yes I still deal with breast pains – engorgement, sensitivity (showering is painful, btw) – even though I don’t produce enough milk for a full feeding. Yes, it is still worth it. I give him what I can, and I make sure his needs are met. That is what makes me a good Mom.

Top 10 Things I Am Thankful For This Year


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Today is a day we gobble till we wobble and many think about all the holiday shopping they plan to do, but it is also important to set aside some time to think about everything wonderful that has happened to us and share what we are thankful for.

Top 10 things I am thankful for this year:

  1. My husband coming back safely from deployment.
  2. The fact that I am strong and independent and was able to take care of everything by myself for almost a year.
  3. The amazing house we bought thanks to the money we saved up during the deployment, and being eligible for a VA loan.
  4. Selling our previous house quickly and painlessly, and being able to sell it *after* buying and moving into our new home.
  5. Hubby’s job, even though it made us move, it has been great and he really enjoys working there.
  6. My job and especially the client who’s office I work out of. This client has made me feel like one of their own.
  7. My friends for being there for me and never making me feel alone.
  8. Hubby’s parents for their help the week I was delivering the baby and for his Mom for coming to help again later.
  9. My Mom for staying with me for a month and a half to help with the baby.
  10. Baby Hank, cause he’s an awesome little guy.

My birth story

So here it is, the obligatory birth experience post. I was induced at 38 weeks due to gestational diabetes, and I’m writing this on my 40th week. Happy due date.

I was told to report to Labor and Delivery on Sunday evening (Nov 2) at 5pm to start the inducing process. I had to change into a hospital gown (boo, didn’t even get to sleep in my own clothes before labor truly kicked off) and get the IV started. Let me tell you, the IV hurt so much! I had no idea. This is one of those things no one had on their “things I wish I knew about labor” list. I couldn’t take off my rings because by the time I realized it would be a good idea, my fingers were already too swollen that far into my pregnancy. Well, with the IV in my left hand, my little fingers turned into sausages, and I was a bit worried, but we didn’t have any issues. I tested positive for Group B Strep, so I was on antibiotics the entire time I was in the hospital, even before they started me on Pitocin. The antibiotics burned so bad through the IV into my hand, and seriously by the time it was all over I couldn’t make a fist anymore. It hurt to flex my hand for at least a week after. IVs are no joke!

Anyway the nurses started me on Cervidil to ripen my cervix, since I really wasn’t all that dilated or effaced yet. At this point I realized how much of a sissy I was going to be during this labor process because the insertion hurt. More than I expected. I don’t like pain. Anyway I was told to sleep so hubby and I watched some TV and then tried to get some sleep. Poor guy slept on that little couch thing they have in the room. It wasn’t all that comfortable, but he was going to stay with me the entire time. Our doula also met us and hung out with us for a little while and made plans to show up the following morning when the show got started. Part way in the night I woke up due to some really bad back pain and asked for some of the lovely IV pain medication. I think it was Stadol. It made me dizzy and drunk, seriously. Then I was able to sleep.

In the early morning, 3 or 4 or so, I was allowed to get up and take a shower if I wanted, and change into a fresh gown. I was also given a breakfast! Well, you know, broth, Jello, some orange juice. But still, food! I was thinking I wouldn’t get to have any food until after baby was born. I did eat a big meal before going to the hospital, but still, I’m used to eating every 3 hours. We packed a lot of Gatorade for this reason. Anyway, after that the Pitocin got started and my doctor came to break my water. This is when the labor got going, but I don’t really know when to start counting the hours.

At first my contractions just felt like a menstrual cramp and I was doing alright. I even was allowed to get out of bed and move around a bit, as long as the fetal monitor stayed on. The baby kept moving though and hiding from it, so the nurses had to keep coming to readjust it. I used the birth ball for a while, and that really helped with my back pain, but hubby had to hold the fetal monitor in place and keep moving it around to keep the baby’s heart rate on the machine. We knew if we kept losing the signal the nurses would probably make me get back in bed.

Sometime mid day the contractions started getting a bit too much, and I knew it was going to get worse from there so I asked for my epidural. Yes that meant no more walking around, but I was getting tired and wanted to lie back down anyway. Getting the epidural wasn’t all that scary or painful. I barely felt the needle go in, and they allowed hubby to stay in the room with me so he helped distract me from thinking about just how big that needle really was. The rest of the afternoon was a blur. I seriously slept for a few hours through the rest of my dilating. It was wonderful.

Later I started getting back pain again and actually wanted to see if they could increase the epidural, but the nurses checked me and said I was complete and was ready to start pushing. Here’s when it got bad for me. I couldn’t feel much except for that one spot of pain in my back so the nurses decided to turn off my epidural so I could start to regain feeling. They told me the epidural would wear off slowly and I would just feel enough pressure to know when to push. THEY LIED!!! They made me wait a half hour before starting to push so that the epidural could start wearing off. My doctor had told me at an earlier appointment that they could turn the epidural down if I had trouble during pushing, but apparently they needed to call the anesthesiologist back to do that, and for whatever reason they decided not to, and all the nurses were allowed to do was turn it off. So for the next two plus hours of pushing I felt everything (except my legs, they were still noodles). I felt all the contractions and back pain and I still couldn’t figure out how to push properly. I seriously made some negative progress a few times. I was not prepared to feel that much pain, so rather than being able to isolate the pushing muscles, I just tightened everything and gave myself a massive headache. I also ended up hurting my back. Hubby and the doula helped raise my legs and I had to do a crunch each time I had to push. I had to take a deep breath and hold it while pushing and counting to 10, which was hard because I just kept feeling like my lungs were going to burst and my head was going to explode. They put me on oxygen to help me out, but I really don’t think it helped. Or, if it did, I’m afraid to know how much worse it would have been without the oxygen.

But, at 7:36pm Monday evening I finally succeeded in pushing the (not so) little guy out. He weighed 8 pounds 1.3 ounces, and was 20.5 inches long. He tried coming out sunny side up so that’s what caused me all the back pain. Hubby said the doc grabbed his head and turned him as he was coming out to get him facing the right way, and then pulled him out of me. His first words to our son was “welcome to Texas” hehe :) Hubby said he got pretty freaked out when the doc grabbed the baby’s head and turned him like that.

The rest happened pretty quickly. One of the things on my birth plan was I wanted to do delayed cord clamping, but unfortunately our doctor went on autopilot and clamped the cord before we even had a chance to react. We were pretty disappointed about that. Then they wiped the baby down and put him on me very quickly, so I was a little distracted for the afterbirth part. I did feel the placenta slide out of me but I don’t know if I pushed it out or if the doc did something to make it release. I took a good look at the placenta before they disposed of it, and it was about as yucky looking as I thought it was gonna be. I’ve seen it glamorized a lot but it really does look like a bloody chunk of tissue. I do know that when the doc massaged my fundus I cried out. I actually have a photo of me holding the baby, the baby is crying, I’m crying out, and the doc is squeezing the top of my uterus. That isn’t just uncomfortable like people say, it hurts! The next thing I remember was I saw the doc holding some scary metal hook thing in his hand. I asked him what he thought he was going to do with that, and he said I tore and he has to sew me up. So yea, that was great. I felt that too. Ouch.

I guess the part my readers are now wondering about is: what did we name him? Well, we decided on Henry “Hank”. I think it fits him quite well. The next thing I’m sure people are wondering is “where are the photos?” Well, I’ve decided to do my best not to publicly display photos of my child. I am posting them on my personal Facebook profile, but the privacy settings are friends-only and I’m not sharing the photos on my public Instagram or Twitter accounts. I might share a few here that aren’t as obvious, but I’m going to do my best to protect him and not plaster him all over the web without his consent.

I do wonder when baby Hank would have wanted to make his appearance if we hadn’t been induced. I also wonder how much he would weigh. I guess there’s no way to know but I am glad we didn’t fight the doctor’s plans to induce. Since I had a hard enough time as it was pushing his giant head and 8 pound self out, I don’t know how much harder it would have been if he had been allowed to get up to 9 pounds or more. Big babies run in hubby’s family and Hank is definitely getting some height from that side. I’m sure he’ll be taller than me by the time he’s a teenager. So welcome to the world little guy, I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with you.

#AskAwayFriday Nov 7, 2014




This is my second #AskAwayFriday. Today I’m exchanging with Bernadyn @ B is For.  Here are the questions she asked, and my answers. If you want to exchange questions with me for an upcoming Friday post, just let me know :)


  1. You’re about to embark on your parenthood journey, congratulations! What are you the most excited about with being a mom? What’s something you are nervous or anxious about with being a new mom? I think I’m most excited about getting to know this baby, learning his personality and seeing what he will become. I’m most anxious – well other than labor and delivery – is the fact that I know nothing about raising kids and I know I’ll make plenty of mistakes. I just hope I don’t make any scary or dangerous ones.
  2. I remember both times for my kids, it was tough choosing a name. How did you choose a baby name? Naming has been so hard for us. I like names that sound pretty and elegant, and hubby likes names that sound tough. Seriously, those things don’t go together. So we’ve been back and forth on names and really only picked one that we kind of both agree on. The full name is kind of what I like, and the nickname is nice and tough so it fits what he likes. We’ve also been looking at names with important meanings and some kind of history to them. This is definitely not an easy task.
  3. What milestone in the next two years are you the most excited about with your baby? I think I’m excited most about the little one learning to talk. Then we can have conversations!
  4. What is the best parenting advice you’ve received so far? To listen to the advice given, and feel free to ignore it! I loved that advice. It is very true, we (hubby and I) need to make decisions for ourselves and our situation, so other people’s opinions and experience may not fit.
  5. What is an activity you are most excited to do once your child is old enough to do it? I’m excited to read with my child. I’m such a fan of books, and I hope he will be too.
  6. That’s so cool that your new blog is all about reading and books! Reading is my favorite hobby and I’m part of a book club so we’re always looking for new books to add to our list. What is a book you have on your current reading list? Ooh yay another book fan! I love book clubs. At the moment my reading has taken a back seat but I hope to pick back up once things settle down. I’m currently reading (on audio) the Bloodlines series (spin off from the Vampire Academy series) by Richelle Mead. I’m skipping the book club books for the next couple of months since I won’t be able to attend the meetings anyway.
  7. If you could be any character from a book, who would you choose and why? Hermione from Harry Potter. I don’t have to explain why, do I? She’s super smart and resourceful and always figures out what needs to be done.
  8. I don’t go to the theater much to watch new movies unless I’m invited to a screening or unless it’s during the summer when they have their family summer movies out. Therefore, there’s lots of movies, new and old that I want to watch. Are there any movies you look forward to watching, new or old? Ooh I haven’t been to the movies in a while. I want to go see the Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 movie so badly. I hope I get to, but I’m not counting on it with new baby and all.
  9. I love all your blogging tips and your letter to yourself about blogging. Where do you see both of your blogs in the next five years? I’m hoping this little personal blog will grow into something big and wonderful. Since I neglected it for years, I’m kind of starting over on readership and friends. It will definitely become very “mom blog” since I’m sure most of the interesting thing to talk about will be parenting related, so at least I can make a lot of friends in that niche. I hope the book blog continues to grow strong and maybe we’ll add more co-bloggers and have a fun group of us talking about our favorite hobby. Most book blogs don’t last that long though, so we’ll see.
  10. What is something on your bucket list that you wish to achieve in the next ten years? Wow, that’s a great question. And a hard one I think. I think this year has hit so many milestones that it is hard to think about what will come next. Maybe something awesome career-wise, since that has been a little stagnant for the past few years. And awesome promotion or maybe even a move that is too good to pass up.

My body is amazing.

As my pregnancy is drawing to a close, I wanted to reflect upon the amazing journey my body has been going through. Ladies, this body that we have – it is amazing! It can do amazing things that I didn’t appreciate until now. Being the typical girl, I’ve always had body issues and was never satisfied with the way I looked. It wasn’t until I agreed (finally, after many years of people wondering if I ever would) to try out this whole baby thing, that I realized how amazing my body really is.

I’ve watched my body change and grow to accommodate this new life inside me over the past 9 months in awe. I’ve subscribed to all the baby websites that send weekly “what is going on inside your body” emails and I’ve learned so much about what my body is doing, even when I’m not actively thinking about it. Whether I was paying attention or not, my body has been actively working every moment of the day to grow this baby and all his accessories. I want to see my placenta before the hospital takes it away because I spent 9 months with it growing inside me. Call it scientific curiosity, but my body produced this wonderful thing that has fed my baby all this time. The least I can do is give it the respect it deserves and take a good look at it. I watched the bump slowly expand over time and watched my uterus grow from the tiny size it was normally, to this wonderfully enormous mass that supports life. How can I think it is anything less than amazing?

Yes I’ve probably complained plenty about the discomforts of being pregnant, but there’s so much more to the experience than that. The hormones, for one, have been great. I’ve never had this general calm and happy feeling before. I’ll miss it, that’s for sure. I wonder if I’ll still be this nice after delivery? Will I still have this general feeling of contentment or will I be back to the nervous wreck I have been known to be? I guess we’ll find out very shortly.

In the mean time I’ll leave you with this funny:

3rd Trimester blues and some helpful stuff I bought

I’ve posted a funny post previously about some of the not so fun things that creep up on you during the third trimester. That was more tongue-in-cheek sillyness, but this one will be a little more serious.

Some of the biggest issues I’ve had have been lower back pain, pelvic pain, and just other all around pains. You just get so dang big and everything is pressing on everything. Sleeping gets hard because you have to sleep on your side, but all that weight cause my legs and hips to cramp up. So I’m constantly waking up and rolling over (which requires a 3 point turn, let me tell you) and by the end of the night both sides hurt and I’m out of sides and sleeping is just done at that point. Moving side to side and rolling hurts in the pelvic and nether region and there’s really not much to be done about that.

However, I at least got a few items to help make it easier. I bought one of those maternity support bands that you wear under the bump to help support it and relieve some of the pressure on your back. Most of the ones I saw online were in the $60-range but I found one at a local boutique for $20, and it is the Medela brand (which is my breast pump, go figure). It goes around the belly and secures via velcro in the front. I wear it all day, and I’ve considered sleeping in it, but it didn’t seem like a good idea to have extra bulk in the bed in addition to my body pillow. In any case, I really recommend it (or any other maternity support band of your choice) because it does take some of the pressure off. I immediately feel relief when I put it on, and immediately feel more pressure when I remove it. That was a good purchase.

I also purchased a birth ball, or exercise ball, or whatever else you want to call it inflatable ball. We went to Academy and picked it up based on my height. It helps sit in a more squat-like position and open up the pelvis.  I try to sit on it daily, though I don’t always remember, but it does help stretch everything out. I also hear it is good to use during labor, if you’re allowed to be moving around. It also helps that the one that was meant for my height is purple, so you know that makes me happy. This was recommended by a doula that taught a comfort measures in birth class we took (cause it was free, woot). She also recommended taking two tennis balls and tying them in a sock to use for back massaging during labor. So we’re definitely going to put that in the hospital bag. I hope to bring the birth ball too, though I don’t know if I’ll get to use it at all. I guess if not we can always deflate it to keep it from taking up a lot of space.

Feel free to share if you have other recommendations for helpful items in this last stretch of my pregnancy.

The birth plan I wanted, and the discussion with my doctor

At my last appointment I brought in the following draft birth plan. That was when the doctor told me about the likely early induction and of course now my birth plan will need to change. But I wanted to share my original thoughts.

*If no medical complications arise, the following is my birth plan:

During labor
• Allow in delivery room: my spouse, doula, my mother
• Planned delivery: vaginal
• Stay hydrated with clear liquids and ice chips
• Eat and drink as approved by my doctor
• Intermittent fetal monitoring while I’m still mobile
• Heparin or saline lock rather than an IV
• Pain relief: Demerol at first and Epidural when requested and possible
• As few interruptions as possible
• As few vaginal exams as possible
• Hospital staff limited to my own doctor and nurses (no students/residents/interns)
• No labor augmentation

During delivery
• Not be reclined
• Use foot pedals for support
• Continue Epidural
• Use a mirror to see baby crown
• No forceps usage or vacuum extraction
• No episiotomy

Immediately After delivery
• Cut umbilical cord only after it stops pulsating
• I would like to see the placenta before it is discarded
• Hold baby and attempt to breastfeed

• Keep baby in my room at all times
• Baby’s medical exam given in my presence and/or my spouse’s presence
• Please don’t give baby formula or a pacifier
• Breastfeed with the help of a lactation specialist
• Baby’s first bath given by myself or my spouse
• Circumcision performed by my doctor

If C-section is necessary
• Exhaust other options first
• My spouse to remain in the room the entire time
• Stay conscious, use epidural
• Explain the surgery as it happens
• Hands free so I can hold the baby immediately
• Breastfeed in the recovery room

I was expecting to go into labor naturally and labor at home for as long as I could stand the pain so I could eat and move around and be more comfortable. Being induced means I’ll be strapped to the bed the entire time with the IV full of medication and of course an epidural, cause there’s no way I’m doing pitocin contractions naturally. I was expecting to have the contractions start out bearable and gradually increase, and maybe have my own pain tolerance increase with them, but that won’t be the case with induction. Pitocin contractions come hard and fast, period.

The doctor said they don’t allow you to eat because your stomach needs to be empty should a C-section be necessary. I thought that was due to anesthesia but he said it was because there is a risk you might aspirate if you throw up. Ok, got it, no food. But he said I can have glucose and clear liquids, so Gatorade is going on the packing list.

On a lot of these medical intervention items – like forceps and episiotomy (where they cut you down there if you’re not stretching enough) he said that I gotta trust his judgement. I’d rather have a small tear than a large cut, but sure if that isn’t even possible then yes if necessary, cut. I guess I should add the word “routine” to some of these. Hopefully my doula will be able to help facilitate the conversation so that the doctors and nurses aren’t making decisions without my input.

I’m wanting most of the stuff done to the baby to be at least in my husband’s presence if I’m not able to participate. Hopefully the nurses will allow that. Doctor said I won’t want the baby in my room the entire time, but it is hard to feed on demand when the baby is kept away. I don’t want them to give him formula or a pacifier at least until breastfeeding is established. But I might change my mind as exhausted and out of it as I will be at that time.

I’m also told if I end up having a C-section, I might be in the hospital up to 5 days. That doesn’t sound fun, but again, I might feel differently. I need to check with my insurance and find out the coverage details in that situation.

Got some unexpected news at my last doctor’s appointment

On Friday I had a bit of meltdown at/after my doctor’s appointment, because my timeline is being cut in about half. It started out like a normal doctor’s visit, but this one was a little more involved because the doctor took the Group B strep culture and I also got my flu shot and my Tdap vaccine. I also brought a copy of my draft birth plan because I wanted to go over it with my doctor before meeting with my doula. My original thinking was I’d go into labor and wait it out a bit at home until the contractions got unbearable. That way I could still move around and eat and be comfortable before going to get the epidural and being strapped to a bed for the remainder of the time.

What the doctor told me instead was because of my gestational diabetes they will need to induce me, and may do so as early as 38 weeks or maybe up to 39 weeks, so the baby doesn’t get too large. I was almost 36 weeks at the time of the appointment, so I kind of had an OMG moment since that’s just over 2 weeks away! I really didn’t want to be induced, partly because I’ve read that can increase the chances of a C-section, it makes the overall experience last longer since they need to give you all kinds of medication to prep your body for delivery since it hasn’t done that on its own yet, plus the pitocin makes the contractions come hard and fast, so no gradual increase in pain as labor progresses. That means I’ll be asking for an epidural right away and won’t be able to walk around for any of it.

That will certainly throw a lot of what is on my birth plan out the window, but I definitely understand the risk of a large baby. I was just thinking that I was controlling that with diet and since my blood sugar numbers have been good and the doctor hasn’t needed to put me on insulin yet I thought I was in the clear. I’m really glad I brought the topic up since that really changes my plans quite a bit.

So the doctor said he might be inducing between November 3-10. I thought I had another month to go with my due date being November 17th. So, bear with me while I get the rest of my mind wrapped around this change.

My Mom isn’t flying in until November 8th, and I wanted her to be here for the birth so she could help me get around during recovery. But now that Dad has decided to fly out with her and take a couple of vacation days to stay until mid-week, perhaps this is a good thing. At least if I have the baby before they arrive, Daddy will get to see his grandson in the short time he’s visiting. Mom will stay for a month and a half though since she can do some of her work from my house.

On a more fun and less stressful note, I had my Houston baby shower on Saturday. I hosted at my house since few people had been over yet and now my friends know where I live and can visit me and the baby. I had a really good turn out and I’m so happy with the great friends I have here. I got a lot of fun toys and good stuff for me that I didn’t have yet, so I’m very thankful.  Also, look at the Smurf cake for Smurfberry!


5 things that make pregnancy oh so glamorous /sarcasm

5 things that make pregnancy oh so glamorous

There are things we are commonly warned about that occur in pregnancy, such as stretch marks and nausea. But there are also other interesting tidbits about being pregnant, especially in the 3rd trimester, that maybe not all of us are aware of. Here are a few observations I’ve made recently that show just how UN-glamorous pregnancy can be. Come have a chuckle with me and enjoy the list.

5 things that make pregnancy oh-so glamorous.

  1. Hemorrhoids. Yep, apparently these are common. Yech. Not only are you constipated a lot, but when you do go, it isn’t all that pleasant. TMI? No topic is off limits when you’re pregnant.
  2. Incontinence. You’ll sneeze and pee yourself. Yep, it is just a matter of time. I live in panty liners now.
  3. All that discharge. Did I mention panty liners? Yep. Cause gross stuff comes out of you. Here’s TMI again.
  4. Gas. You’ll fart like an old man, I kid you not!
  5. Leaky Boobs. Ok, I haven’t experienced this quite yet, but I’m sure it is coming. I carry some of those boob pads in my purse just in case I start leaking at work someday.

Got anything to add to this list? I’d love to hear it.

Gestational Diabetes and the managed carb diet. Pricking your finger is no fun.

Gestational Diabetes and the managed carb diet

Late in my second trimester I had to do what every pregnant woman gets to do in the mid-20th weeks – take the glucose tolerance test. Well, I failed the 1 hour test, as many people do, and I was really trying to be optimistic about having to take the 3 hour test. Unlike the 1 hour, you have to be fasting for the 3 hour. So not only do I have to skip breakfast, but I have to have my blood taken 4 times, before, and at each hour after drinking the extremely sweet stuff, and not be able to eat or drink anything until the test is complete. I took a mental health afternoon from work that day since I knew by the time the appointment was over I’d have a massive headache and would be in no condition to drive to work and think anyway. So I scheduled a hair appointment instead.

The test itself was a bit worse than I expected. I felt so nauseous the first hour and was very worried I wouldn’t be able to handle it. I was in the waiting room with everyone else waiting for some blood work at the lab so it wasn’t like I had a comfortable place to go lie down. I just leaned back in my chair against the wall and tried to relax until it passed. Immediately after my final blood draw I had my husband meet me and we went and had an awesome lunch at Chili’s, which included their amazing giant cookie skillet dessert! YUM. Oh man I want one right now.

Anyway, unfortunately, I flunked the 3 hour test as well (yes, that is what my nurse told me – I “flunked” it). So that meant I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes and needed to meet with a dietitian to discuss my results. She told me my first and second hour results were very high, but that by the third hour my body kicked in and processed the stuff ok. My fasting number was fine too. But the risk with my body taking several hours to process a large amount of carbs/sugar is the baby is getting too much food and can grow too quickly. The last thing we want is a huge baby with health problems, so for the remainder of my pregnancy I need to be on a controlled carb diet. The dietitian explained to me that I can have 30 grams (aka 2 servings) of carbs for breakfast and for each of my snacks, and 45 grams (3 servings) for lunch and dinner. So as long as I watch the labels of my foods and try to be careful with the amounts (because servings are tiny ok!) I should be fine. Then she gave me a device to prick my finger and measure my blood sugar and said to measure my blood fasting, and 1 or 2 hours after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not fun at all, let me tell you. Especially pricking my finger at work. Gross. Thankfully my OB only wants me to record my fasting blood sugar. He said as long as I follow the diet, I only need to provide him with a trend of my daily fasting numbers to see whether I need insulin. So far my numbers have been fine, hope that continues to be the case.

The first two weeks of being on this diet I actually lost two pounds. I wasn’t expecting to be losing weight while pregnant, but I did have plenty that I recently put on with my “I’m pregnant, I can eat whatever the hell I want” diet. I’ve also noticed my feet haven’t been swelling as much, but I don’t know if that is related. I’ve been doing this for almost a month now and I’m finding it not too difficult to stick to the diet unless people try to tempt me with dessert. I haven’t been attending the office monthly birthday parties since it is always cake and ice cream – none of which is on my diet right now. I know I’ll splurge a little at my own baby shower – yes I have at least one more put on by my Houston friends (and maybe work will throw me one) but that’s it. For now as long as I eat a good dinner of meat and salad, I can still have the skinny cow ice cream that I enjoy. So I guess it could be worse, right? So not only am I counting down the days till I can have sushi again, but I’m also counting down the days until I can eat a giant cookie dripping in fudge and ice cream. Just bring those to my delivery room, ok?