Why You Should Have A Destination Wedding

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Earlier this summer we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. We had a lovely destination wedding on the beach, and I really recommend destination weddings for other couples. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider having a destination wedding.


5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Destination Wedding

  1. Your wedding photos will be gorgeous. Whether your background is the serene beach, extravagant gardens, ancient ruins or a modern city skyline, nothing comes close to taking your wedding photos in an exotic location. I absolutely love going through my wedding album and looking at our beautiful beach and sunset photos. There is something simply magical about taking photos in a wedding gown on the beach.
  2. Smaller, intimate guest list. Having a destination wedding allows you to be selective with your guest list, giving you the chance to invite only those closest to you to join you on this special trip if you so wish. We got married with only both sets of our parents and my sister-in-law present. It was lovely to have a smaller ceremony and be more focused on sharing the moment with close family rather than dividing yourself over a hundred other guests who you may only see once a year. This option worked out better for us since we have family split up over both coasts, having one large wedding where everyone could attend just wasn’t possible. Rather than excluding many people who couldn’t travel, we had a simple ceremony with just the closest relatives.
  3. Honeymoon? Check. One great aspect of a destination wedding is you’re already at your exotic honeymoon location. No additional travel is required and you can dive right into your amazing vacation.
  4. You’ll make wonderful memories. Getting acquainted with the local culture and history, and of course going on exciting location-specific adventures, makes for some fun stories to bring home with you. Of course, let’s not forget the wonderful local cuisine you will get to experience. Is there a better way to commemorate starting a new life together than to share in new experiences?
  5. Planning is easier. Wedding planning can be really stressful, but the great part about a destination wedding is you can pick and choose from wedding packages. Someone else has done the work for you, selecting vendors, putting together deals, and all you have to do is pick from a list and say yes I want this, and no let’s skip that. Done. I book everything online with just a few emails back and forth with the organizer.

I’m sure you can agree that a destination wedding is a great idea. If you’re considering a destination wedding in the States or are planning on getting married abroad, take a look at this free guide that contains great ideas and information about international destination weddings.

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Gratitude and Goals Oct 9, 2015 #GratitudeGoals

Weekly Gratitude and Goals

My Gratitude for this week:

  • We had a bit of a rough day on Saturday, so I didn’t get as much done, but on Sunday my little man and I went shopping and got him his first pair of shoes! My little man is now taking two steps before he collapses. This is getting real people. He had a great time hanging out in my Ergo carrier and napped while we were grocery shopping. In hindsight I probably should have done that on Saturday while he was fussypants-nap-refusing-baby cause that might have helped distract him. Live and learn, but I did get to catch up on my recordings of America’s Next Top Model during fussytimeday so it wasn’t a total loss.
  • I ordered the cake for my little’s first birthday! I started out looking at a local bakery but their prices were not acceptable to me, so I just went to our lovely HEB grocery store, and done. I plan to order some food trays from them as well, but I need to wait until a few days prior.
  • My mom ordered a bunch of decorations, party favors, and plasticware and had it delivered to my house, so that part is ready too.
  • Blogging wise, I have been getting accepted to a few more influencer projects, so that is exciting. I’m enjoying growing this blog and increasing earnings so I can fund more of my other hobbies. I’m happy that so far it pays for itself and my audiobook addiction, but as Ariel says “I want more”.
  • Supernatural is back! Hello season 11!

My Goals for the upcoming week(s):

  • Work out at least 3 days/week. Continue to walk with the neighbor because that’s what helps make this happen. I’ve been taking it easy this week cause I’m a bit under the weather.
  • Drink more water, aim for 100 oz/day. I continue to work on this with the support of others online, like this lovely Aquatober Water Drinking Challenge on Facebook.
  • We need to start installing those safety gates that we ordered.
  • I started making a meal plan menu for the family late August, but I lost my momentum after my Grandma passed and just haven’t gotten back into that. I really want to get more done. I have a list of our most common meals, but I want to put them on weeks and make a quick-grab shopping lists.

What are you thankful for this week? What are your goals for the week ahead? Share your posts with us!

Welcome to the Weekly Gratitude and Goals Linky Party hosted by Julie at Velvet Rose and Suzanna at One Hoolie Mama! The idea behind this party is to take a step back and reflect on those things, both large and small, that we are thankful for in our lives this past week as well as think about what goals we may have for ourselves for the upcoming week. So share a list of everything and anything you are thankful for and add any goals you have for the week ahead. This party will start on Fridays, but you are welcome to link up any time during the week.

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Halloween Jewelry Giveaway


Just in time for the wonderful holiday of Halloween, Enter to Win one of 5 Halloween Floating Lockets! is holding a giveaway for this lovely necklace. I just received my own and I’m looking forward to wearing it around this month. It is a floating locket style necklace, which at first kind of confused me because I expected the charms to be set in place, not rattle around. But actually that looks cute. It will definitely be a good option for me to wear to work while still looking professional.

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If I were a Fairy Tale creature

I’m co-hosting this week’s Finish the Sentence Friday! Link up your posts below. This week’s topic is:

If I were a Fairy Tale creature.

If you follow my book blog Chapter Break, or even see the Goodreads shelf on the sidebar here, you’ll notice that I mostly read books in the paranormal genre. I love all the magical creatures, scary or otherwise. I love even more when the creatures are unique, ones I don’t typically see, but even the more mainstream and common ones are great.

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Help Me Decide on a Holiday Card

I had my special little baby last November, and suddenly navigating the waters of being a new Mom got a bit overwhelming. I skipped doing any kind of Christmas cards, and I also didn’t do any birth announcements. I’ve received some lovely birth announcements in the past, and have always wondered how the new parents had the time/energy/focus to get those done. I certainly didn’t have any of that when Baby H joined our family. So now I’m coming up on his first birthday, and another Holiday season is soon to be upon us too. I plan to do custom Holiday/Christmas cards with photos of my little man, and as I was looking through the lovely card options at Minted, I found their adorable “baby’s first Christmas” section. I think these distracted me for a half hour or more, just saying “aww” why didn’t I do these? I mean, look at this beautiful card idea. How adorable would that have been last year? If I had a time machine…

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HTML Tip: How to Create a Custom Style for Text Boxes Guest Post for Working on Working Mom

Today I’m guest posting on Working on Working Mom and sharing how to edit the style of your text boxes.


I will show you two options for controlling the size and colors of a text box on your post.

  • Example 1: Specify Blockquote Style
  • Example 2: Add a Class to a DIV

A screenshot example of how I use the blockquote feature is below.


If you are ready to read how to style your text boxes and step through both examples with me, check out my post on Working on Working Mom!

#MomWisdom Mondays Oct 5, 2015

#MomWisdom Monday Hosts every Monday on Life in a House of Testosterone

We apologize for missing #MomWisdom Monday last week. Our lovely host mom was having a moment of her own with her brood last week … and this week … and probably will still be having troubles next week! We know we’re running a wee bit late with this week’s post as well, but there’s a reason for that … we want to introduce you to a new co-host!

Please welcome Julie T. as our newest addition to the #MomWisdom Monday hosts!

What is #MomWisdom Monday?

Let’s be real. We’re raising the next generation. The generation that will one day run this country. Will one day vote for our leaders, may even be our leaders. We’re raising the next teen idol, Hollywood heart-throb, the next Miss America, Babe Ruth, or Steve Jobs. It’s a tough job, and those little ones don’t come with an instruction manual. Trust us, we’ve checked every nook, cranny and orifice of our kids trying to find it. It doesn’t exist.

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10 things we can learn from our pets

This week’s Tuesday 10 topic is:

This month is Adopt a Shelter Pet Month, so our first Tuesday of October is all about pets!

I’ve been wanting to write a top 10 about pets for a while so hurray for Adopt a Shelter Pet Month for inspiring me to do so. There’s quite a bit we can learn from our furry friends if we just observe their actions and behaviors.

10 Things We Can Learn From Our Pets

  1. Enjoy a calm moment in a sunbeam.
  2. Fresh air is fantastic. Get outside often.
  3. Play with your loved ones. And play hard.
  4. Anything can be a toy and can bring hours of entertainment.
  5. If something makes you unhappy, speak up.
  6. If something makes you happy, let everyone know with a big grin.
  7. Never underestimate the importance of naps.
  8. Cuddle with your loved ones. Show them how much you love them.
  9. Forgive.
  10. Love, with all your heart.

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#Moms, check out the Mom Conference! Oct 13-15, 2015

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could attend trainings by all the best authors and speakers on motherhood topics? Well, guess what? You can. And it’s free. And you don’t even have to leave your house to participate.

I participated in this conference last year when I was newly pregnant. I actually listened to the recordings on my drive to/from work, and I found a lot of them very helpful.  I’m looking forward to seeing this year’s line up.


The Mom Conference is a totally FREE three-day online event featuring some truly amazing speakers and YOU are invited to attend!

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My First Time Using a Spiralizer, How Did I Do? #Brieftons

I received the product in exchange for my honest review.

My Experience:
I was intimidated by this spiralizer because I had no idea how to use it. The lovely people at Brieftons provide a free recipe book, but I had to find some videos on how to use it to really get an idea of what to do. It just doesn’t come with instructions. I decided to go with an easy option, and picked a zucchini. I was wondering at first whether the zucchini needed to be cooked first, but the online consensus was you just use a regular fresh zucchini.

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