Perfect for Potluck: Russian Beet Salad

My workplace had an International Luncheon potluck recently and I decided to make Russian Beet Salad. I wanted something that didn’t need to be heated up and could be made in advance and refrigerated until ready to serve. I also, obviously, wanted to make something I grew up eating, and it had to be fairly easy to make. I decided to go with the beet salad since it is a pretty well-known Russian dish, and much easier to make and serve at a potluck than Borscht (beet soup) would be or Olivier (Russian potato salad, another well-known dish with many more ingredients).

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Making homemade baby food, my first attempt and some tips I learned

Making Homemade Baby Foods

When Baby H turned 6 months old, I decided to start solid foods by making some of my own. I had a few samples and a few jars we bought at the store, but I also thought why not make some myself? Trying to avoid encouraging a sweet tooth, I decided veggies would be better than fruit to start out with. I started with one sweet potato and some large carrots – figuring those were good and simple vegetables to puree for the little guy. I decided to start with one solid food meal a day for now, and we will increase it later. For the time being I feed him the puree when I get home from work as his “dinner” before I eat mine and nurse him.

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Spring 15 Moodboard


I’m participating in The Circle Link Up and May’s topic is – Spring 15 Moodboard.

Now’s the chance to do a little window shopping (or maybe Pinterest scrolling) to find something springy for your closet, blog design, home, workspace, or maybe something entirely different! The only thing that will be similar between each moodboard is that each moodboard will have a total of 15 things (or colors, patterns, etc.) to celebrate Spring 2015.

I created my mood board on Pinterest, so check it out below :)

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Stop losing your child’s stuff with StickerKid

My child care currently consists of a nanny, who watches one other child in addition to mine. It hasn’t quite come up yet, but as they both acquire more “stuff”, it might get difficult to tell which toy belongs to which child. This becomes even more of a concern when going on play dates and visiting family. I certainly don’t want an avoidable meltdown simply because I left behind a beloved toy, or accidentally brought home a toy that belongs to another child. That’s why I’m so excited to find a label service like StickerKid. They make adorable “this belongs to” labels and stickers, which makes it easy to distinguish my baby’s stuff from another baby’s stuff.

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Nurturing Baby’s Instincts with the Minbie Bottle

 I was provided sample Minbie bottle and nipples in exchange for my honest review.
Minbie Bottle

Background on Minbie

Minbie is a soft silicone baby bottle/nipple specifically designed based on 10 years of R&D by an Australian Mom to nurture a newborn’s instinctive breastfeeding technique.  When newborns feed using Minbie, they practice the instinctive latch and feeding action that matches breastfeeding techniques to avoid latch problems and “nipple confusion” when the baby is breastfeeding. Minbie subsidizes shipping to the US and charges $7.95AUD ($6.20USD).

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PediaSwim Swimming Gift Basket Giveaway

PediaSwim Giveaway Image

PediaSwim is looking across the country to find the perfect people to become their communities PediaSwim instructor! As an instructor, you will own your own business, be an important asset to your community, and have fun every day with unlimited earning potential.

PediaSwim is a comprehensive infant swimming instructor certification program teaching infants and toddlers to swim-float-swim for fun and safety. In three to five weeks children learn to swim facedown, kicking in the correct posture and then rolling to a calm float, then flipping back over to a propulsive swim. You can become an asset to your community by becoming a PediaSwim Instructor.

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Happy Mother’s Day – We are Awesome!

I’m celebrating my first Mother’s Day today! So I wanted to wish all the mamas out there a happy day with their families (or a day to themselves, whatever they want) :)

The lovely folks at Personal Creations put together this infographic for all the Mamas out there. They’re telling us what we already know, right? We are awesome! Continue reading

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Idea – A Photo Magnet

A few weeks ago I received a coupon code for a free photo magnet from Shutterfly, so I ordered one – naturally. It was a 3 photo magnet, and it now displays proudly on the filing cabinet at my desk at work. (I finally have more recent photos of my baby at work!!) I get to glance up and see the magnet, and I love that. I decided to order one for my own mother for Mother’s day, but I chose one with 5 photo options. I won’t get to see it since I ordered it to get shipped directly to her, but the preview looked so cute!

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My favorite things about breastfeeding my baby for 6 months

My favorite things about breastfeeding my baby for 6 months |

My little Baby H just turned 6 months! It feels like I was just sharing my birth story, and yet here we are at 6 months! At our 6 month appointment with the pediatrician, Baby H weighs in at 19 lbs 7 oz and is 28 inches tall! My big boy. He’s rolling over, moving his head all around and back, loving to be flipped in the air by Daddy, and tells us stories in babble.

Despite all the pain, nursing strikes, supply issues, latch issues, etc etc, I am still breastfeeding my baby and I plan to continue for as long as I can. I have earned this badge and I will display it proudly. I met my initial goal of 6 months and the big goal is at least 1 year.

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Let’s take a virtual vacation to Puerto Rico (and plan a real one)

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Puerto Rico, The All-Star Island for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Some years ago I went on a Caribbean cruise with my best friend. (Okay and with my parents, we were about to graduate high school but were still minors.) It was a 7-day trip that started out of lovely Puerto Rico. I remember the excitement, and shopping, and all the sight-seeing that we squeezed into one day before the cruise ship took off. I remember how lovely the port was, how friendly the people were, and just overall had a great time before the cruise even began. Now I’m thinking about planning another visit, as an adult with a child of my own. Since this travel will have to be a little bit in the future for us, when the baby is no longer a baby perhaps, it is fun to do a virtual trip in hopes to plan a real one soon. One great perk of visiting the Puerto Rico is the ease of travel. No passports or visas required, no need for foreign money, while an exciting cultural experience is still to be had. There are a lot of world-class attractions and kid-friendly activities we can try out, including the children’s museum, lovely beaches, and special events.

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